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Discuss Dallago wbd Wright at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by bwh27 That's actually the same thing that the Penn State coaches said, ...
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    Default Re: Dallago wbd Wright

    Quote Originally Posted by bwh27 View Post
    That's actually the same thing that the Penn State coaches said, so unless they've briefed the whole Nittany Lion nation on what exact excuse to make up for Quentin Wright's struggles, then it may just be legitimate. So long as it's not within the context of making an excuse for the overall team's struggles or a team loss, then I don't see any problem with kr's post. You don't have to try that hard to see that Wright is having issues beyond the shoulder injury. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion so you're welcome to conclude that he's mentally weak or that the PSU coaches are doing a terrible job (I've heard both multiple times). I just don't think that past history is remotely consistent with that perspective though.
    Yea not making excuses just stating what I can say & what I've been told by people who are right there. Gonna leave it @ that. People have personal lives & are entitled to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    I don't think he's mentally weak.

    I think it's just dumb to create these dumb hypotheticals/excuses for losing.

    Im a big fan of accountability and taking responsibility for your actions. Own up to being beat. Dallago scored more than just those last 2 points on Quentin let us recall. Time and officiating cant be blamed for every point.
    Not creating excuses. People have been wondering whats going on. Just saying what I can say.

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    Default Re: Dallago wbd Wright

    What you are writing makes total sense. Anyone who saw QW wrestle as a freshman (including the jobs he did against Jay Borshal (sp?) and coming back against the guy from Indiana in the Big 10's) can tell he's a kid with a lot of heart.

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