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Thread: 125 Pound Weight Division - NCAAs

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    Default Re: 125 Pound Weight Division - NCAAs

    The Cal Poly match pretty much locked up my belief that Robles will win 125. The kid he had was on all four's-stating about 10 feet away in neutral-he came within 5 feet and Robles locked his wrist and yanked him across the Mat and then turned him 4 times. 14-0 at the end of the first. As Long found out last year-eventually you are going underneath Robles-and that is an ugly place to be.

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    Default Re: 125 Pound Weight Division - NCAAs

    Yeah, any time you can tech Britain Longmire, that really cements your title contendership.
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    Good ole' Zapp.
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    Didn't Jaggers get the 3 or 4 seed as the returning champ after finishing 4th or so at the Big10's, with several losses? I think if McD wins Big10's, he's #1, no doubt. Only way Robles gets #1 is if Precin wins Big10's, and even then I think Precin will get it, due to his most recent victory over Robles.

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    I think utilizing Precin holding the "most recent" victory over Robles is a little overblown given that their most recent match occurred only 24 hours after their initial one.

    If we're looking at those two matches in terms how they relate to one or the other deserving the #1 seed I'd give the nod to Robles based on his winning the first match by nine points.
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    I agree with that Jensen. It's a very unique situation. Theres not many guys you can say if X) happens(he gets your wrist) the match is over. You just don't see anything so concrete in wrestling as Robles when he gets your wrist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    I should be clear---I'm definitely rooting for McDonough to win, and I hope I'm wrong and slightly mislead by Robles wrestling inferior competition.
    I'm with you, Zapp. Obviously rooting for McD, but it sure is hard to root against Robles.

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    I just think it would be so unbelievable for the sport of wrestling if Robles wins the NCAAs, especially in dominant fashion. So much so, that I would personally pay Matt McDonough and Brandon Precin $10,000 each to "ensure" that Robles wins.

    I mean, imagine the headlines: ONE LEGGED WRESTLER COMPETES FOR NATIONAL TITLE. We'd have people who couldn't care less about the sport tuning in to see a wrestler on one leg compete for a national championship. And then, ONE LEGGED WRESTLER WINS NATIONAL TITLE. Shit, every media outlet from Oprah and Good Morning America to the O'Reilly factor will want a piece of the story.

    I mean, how often does someone who is actually physically disabled win a national title in anything? We've all heard stories about people who were told they'd never walk again, or who suffered from polio, etc... but did any of them actually win an Olympic gold or NCAA title missing a limb?

    Oh, and assuming he continues his dominant fashion there is no way he doesn't win the Hodge.

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    I think if McD wins Big 10's he is the #1 seed. If Precin wins Big 10's Robles is the #1 seed with McD being #3. If I remember correctly isn't previous finishes at NCAA's a component of the seeding? McD being the returning champ and winning the Big 10's is enough to give him the nod at #1. Also I think by him having a winning record against a top rated guy (thats if he wins Big 10's) pushes him ahead of Robles. Robles is awesome but I just don't see him being ahead of McD if what I layed out comes to be.

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