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Discuss OU v Missouri, Incredibly Competitive Dual at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Ha, ha...I can see KR go on there and just Crickets chirping. Kind of like ...
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    Default Re: OU v Missouri, Incredibly Competitive Dual

    Ha, ha...I can see KR go on there and just Crickets chirping. Kind of like when I say anything here.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: OU v Missouri, Incredibly Competitive Dual

    If you talk about an OSU wrestler, you get one guy talking to you. if you mention any Cowboy opponent...nuttin.

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    Default Re: OU v Missouri, Incredibly Competitive Dual

    Okey st. has had a few nice surprises:
    Jon Morrison-yes he was a big recruit but he's beaten some solid upper classmen and looked very polished and tough for a freshmen
    Jordan Oliver-Many thought that Jordan should go 141(John Smith included) because of the weight struggles he had last year. I thought he'd really struggle at 133(as in not win a title, but clearly a top 3ish dude) and have a hard time wrestling balls out. All he has done is defied conventional wisdom and looked like one of (if not the) best wrestler in the country who many can't see losing at any point this year.
    Dallas Bailey: With Meade "not living the life" it left an opening for Dallas. He was a big recruit but didn't have the most impressive RS year. He's notched some good wins and looks like he's got a shot at an AA this year.(after Burroughs anyone can get on the podium)

    They've had some downs with Morrison, Meade, Perry and 6 of the 13 Rosholts getting in trouble with the law.

    Many thought Chris Perry would be right in the mix for a title right out the gate and I tended to agree. He's looked very average in all positions and does not seem poised for the great freshmen year many thought he'd have.

    Gelogaev destroyed his shoulder and may or may not return this year.

    So yes, up and down but they've had more pleasant surprises than inexplicable struggles.
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    Default Re: OU v Missouri, Incredibly Competitive Dual

    Mizzou is young this year just like a lot of teams are. This is the first year in several years they haven't had a returning AA. Winning THe Midlands was great as a Tiger fan. Will probably go down as one of their top two team moments aside from a 3rd place finish at 2007 NCAA's. All of their duals this year have been a 6-4 or 5-5 split win or lose with the exception of the Lehigh and Okie State duals. So not as much up and down as people might think. They won Midlands without a single person in the finals. Just had a lot of placers. Come NCAA's they could have no AA's or up to 4-5. A lot of their wrestlers are right on the border.

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