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And, this Friday, Kennedy vs Alton and Sunday Thorn vs Alton. This weekend should give some more indication. But with that group, on any given tournament the results would likely change. It reminds me a bit of 149 a couple of years ago that had 5 former/future national champs--Metcalf, Caldwell, Burroughs, Schlatter, O'Connor plus 2 runners-up: Jenkins and Palmer. This group may not be quite as deep as that one, but it's good. Can anybody think of a weight class at the NCAA's that was as loaded as the 2008 149 class?
If you're talking 2008 then there were three runners up (missed Churella). That was one sick bracket.

As far as Russell, until he loses I can't see anybody else as B10 champ, unless the level of competition just wears on him (not likely). Russell has become one of the best defensive wrestlers I've seen this year in any weight class; he's just really tough to score on right now.