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Thread: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

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    Default Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    I can't help but post what I thought of each PSU wrestler. I am doing this to help the PSU fans understand what they have for talent and what they are getting out of that talent. I have watched Cael since he was a Freshman at ISU until the present and see some similarites between ISU and PSU.

    125- tough gig for a freshman against returning champ

    133- I seen the exact same Andrew Long as I did when at ISU. Out of shape and didn't create enough opportunities against a kid he really should beat. Andrew Long will need to dig deep and really concentrate on wrestling instead of parties. I think his mind becomes weak when things don't go his way early in matches.

    141- AA has some potential but last night was the 1st I had seen him wrestle a quality opponent which didn't turn out good. He was REALLY gassed and if he is who PSU fans thinks he is he also will need a gut check. He looks more interested throwing people than attempting takedows and as you seen it won't work often against good wrestlers. Sure he will catch a few people from time to time but not to often. Needs a gas tank and some better technique otherwise he won't AA at nationals. Marion would have maybe got the MD last night if not for the neck wrench.

    149- Good wrestler that will be a high AA this year but he needs to pour it on against lesser opponents. MB is a 141lber and had no business keeping this match to a D. He also looked gassed but I think he will be okay when it boils down to it. Quality wrestler and I like his heart.

    157- Wow DT is the real deal! I was really impressed with him. Although I don't think he wins it this year he will be a serious force for years to come. He has the gas tank and toughness needed to compete for an National Title. I do think the big stage will bit him this year but I am calling for 3x NCAA champ. PSU has a great one here. Best on the team.

    165- He was the underdog and didn't even try to win the match. This is the differnce between Iowa and PSU right now. Iowa would have atleast went balls out trying to pull the upset,

    174- Ruth is good but I don't think he wins it this year either. He is quick and sneaky but his postion isn't the greatest. When he gets tired he will need to keep better position if he wants to win it this year. Quality wrestler that isn't extending his leads against inferior opponents. Needs to keep working on position.

    184- I think QW is a weak minded individual. He acted like he couldn't use his left arm last night but when he wanted to go upper body it wasn't a problem. He is streaky and that will catch him at NCAA's as well. His mind is his biggest issue and again I don't think Cael develops his athletes mentally so the jury is still out. QW get tough otherwise you are going to be just another D1 wrestler. Weak!

    197- No comment~ kid is not very good

    HWT- Wade might be too small to win it but I do like his heart. I also think he will get picked off at Nationals because he keeps matches too close.

    The reoccuring theme here is Cael didn't mentally prepare his wrestlers at ISU and it appears he isn't doing it at PSU either. PSU has more talent in the lineup than Iowa right now but talent doesn't beat hardwork and Iowa out works everyone. I think PSU is on track to be the next ISU after watching last nights meet and I think Cael is thinking the same thing today. Look at ISU's lineup his last 2 years and tell me how they couldn't win anything Iowa was in. Cael gets the recruits but doesn't develope his recruits to be the best. His wrestlers seem to always try to win 2-1 (meaning they don't go for the bonus pts) which will cost this PSU team at NCAA's. Cael better call Tommy and see if he can get some tips on how to challange the kids mentally otherwise they won't win it. PSU has the chance but after watching last night I seen way to many flashbacks to his kids at ISU! No gas tank, happy with no bonus points, and not mentally tough enough to dig deep when it is a must! Good Luck PSU but this is who Cael is and I seen 5 years of it.

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    I agree with much of what you posted, I think you're dead right about PSU's general attitude. The Iowa kids were mentally tougher, were more aggressive, and in much better shape. It was ridiculous that PSU missed majors at 49 and 74. Molinaro was much better on his feet than Ballweg yet he decided to throw a leg in and apparently try to get a stalling call in the first period.

    Had Ruth been a bit more aggressive I think he gets the major there as well. The moment might have been a bit too big for Alton at this stage in his career, I think once the adrenaline wore off he was sucking wind hard. He needs to work on more traditional takedowns ASAP, because he can't always rely on a throw to pull his butt out of the fire.

    Even though PSU is a young team, it just wasn't a very impressive showing. Losing to Iowa isn't a sin, but not being aggressive is.

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    Ruth worked for the scores the whole match don't fault him for not getting a major. EL is a quality opponent with a very bright future.

    Mark Ballweg is a mid level 141 and FM couldn't bonus. That to me was inexcusable.
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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post

    Mark Ballweg is a mid level 141 and FM couldn't bonus. That to me was inexcusable.
    Screw the major, there should be a '5' or a '6' on there, and in a real hurry, when a top three 149 lber takes on a top 15 141 lber.

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    Sitting here with Chops sister and she wanted me to let him know that she totally agrees with him (shocker). I tend to agree with most of the statements too, although Long gassed, Ramos really impressed me, he is really filling out into a nice 133. Pretty impressed my Marion, he obviously has been working hard in the room as did not gas at all in his first match of the season and fought the entire match.

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    See, to me Ramos didn't do a whole lot but back up and stall out. He shot when he knew the ref was going to call the stall. I wasn't impressed with him at all. What Long did was CHOKE. Alton busted his ass for that match and lost to a quality opponent. i can't fault him for that. Malinaro wrestled balls out, but I agree that he should have wrestled for the major rather than ride it out. Not very smart. Ruth wrestled a good match against a tough kid, I'm not sure what people are bitching about here. Wright disappointed me as well. Injury aside, wrestle or get off the mat. You can't use the shoulder as a mental crutch.

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    Badcat I disagree with you about Long and Ramos. Long certainly took more shots but I wouldn't call half of those quality shots. Long was after stall calls to win the match from the outset. Ramos took calculated shots and when he took them he almost scored each time. Go watch the match again and see that Ramos should have had 2 more takedowns. I will agree that Long is the better wrestler but Ramos obviously wrestled a very good match and upset Long. I was very impressed with Ramos because he held the center of the mat and wasn't giving into the ref calling stalling and continued to take calculated shots and not defensive shots. Long has no gas tank and a weak mind right now and that was the difference.

    Ruth beat Lofthouse 10-5 in previous meeting and all this tells me is Lofthouse is getting better faster than Ruth is. I think Ruth is really good but PSU made him out to be a world beater. PSU fans obviously thought he would get the MD so hence my negative response to him not achieving that. They see him more than I do so I was expecting a MD like most PSU fans as well. Lofthouse in no slouch but Ruth was obviously better wrestler. Again it comes down to mental toughness and PSU just doesn't have it (outside of DT).

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    Chop, I wouldnt say that Long is a better wrestler than Ramos. First of all, he just beat him and second of all Ramos is a 25lber wrestling up a weight. He takes better shots and finishes a higher percentage of them than Long does. I think he's a better wrestler with a weight disadvantage to Long. Long just looked fat and gassed. I think if he was in shape he wouldve probably won due to his size advantage, but never count out old Ramos. He'd be a very good 125lber if he had the chance to be.

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    Default Re: Break Down of PSU from a Hawkeye

    Well I dont think one match makes a definitive about either Ruth OR Alton. I would take their futures over Lofthouse and Marions careers I think. The kids have to grow up sometime. I think you may regret that they grew up here and not at NCAA's. I think its going to be a WAR at NCAA's.
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