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Thread: Andrew Howe: The Plot Thickens!

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    So maybe he will be back. I love how Pritzlaff references the "rumors about the season ending surgery" when their own coach(frayer) posted that exact thing. Wasn't a formal press release, but still..

    Interested to see when he comes back and how he'll be when he does.
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    Default Re: Andrew Howe: The Plot Thickens!

    The quote I posted was from Coach Frayer in his weekly updates on the Wiscy site. How did it go from TORN hamstring to a knee injury ? Although I believe ,if my memory from Human anatomy is correct, the point of origin of the hamstring is in the Gluteus Maximus and point of insertion in the Patella. Maybe it tore at the knee ?
    I wonder how he is training ?

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    At the Minnesota - Wisconsin dual today, Howe was standing the entire match and even jumping around during a few close matches. Not to say that is close to wrestling a match but he looked mobile and didn't walk with a limp!!! I'd love to see the rematch with JB - just wish they would both be 100%

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