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Thread: Wrestling coverage( Big Duals not shown)

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    Spewing and stewing why their not showing big matches on TV or web. One of the biggest matches is coming up this Sunday, show a taped delay the next day ,cmon get real. Not only Iowa vs Penn State but missed a big match between Lehigh and Cornell. Trying not too be negative because coverage is much better now than ever before, that being said some of the the wrestling powers need too stepup. I wanted to e-mail the big ten network voicing my opinion (which I understand doesn't count) but couldn't find one. Being sold out and I am a subscriber to web cast show us the match!

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    Yes, I agree. With all of our technological advances these days, it seems that we all should be able to watch any or all of these matches LIVE via some sort of webcast or through any cable or satellite service. Eventually I am assuming there will be a more powerful service that provides this but for the time being, wrestling coverage is in its infancy and the little taste that we are getting right now, while much better than it has ever been, can be frustrating.

    Brings up the question, what are the best services available out there now? Where is the best place to stream matches? Is getting the big ten network worth it?

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    I see they apparently got responses from Iowa and Penn State fans so they (BigTen Network) moved from second day coverage to same day but I still feel they could do better, interest from the wrestling community is very high in this type of dual meet.

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