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Thread: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

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    See? F'n dick-bags, get phck'd!

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    And that is a joke, by the way...

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    Well, the hypocrisy needs to be ironed out before we move on so the issue can be avoided in the future.

    Is it okay to personally bash Iowa coaches by saying their crazy and out of control, but not okay to say a certain wrestler is mentally weak? People have toned down the Iowa coaches bashing lately but it was pretty bad for a while. Nobody was ever called a douche by Jensen when they were attacking Brands and co. I know that Chop is very blunt and couldve used more tact when he said that QW is mentally weak. But, imo, being mentally weak is just a part of the game and sometimes people need to improve in that area.

    It's okay to talk about the physical aspect of wrestling, and it should be okay to talk about the mental aspect of it as well as long as youre talking about the persons mental wrestling capabilities. Saying QW is off his rocker would be a personal assault. Saying that based on the match you saw the other night that you think he is mentally weak, is a wrestling observation, and your opinion. Iowa has had mentally weak wrestlers before, in fact most of them come in much weaker than they need to be to be the best they can be. Most of them, not all, get tougher because they are taught by the coaches how to be tough between the ears.

    I think people overreacted to what Chop was saying. Then, once you start to argue or call him a douche bag, it's on as far as he's concerned. You havent seen nothing if you think that I like to argue my points. Arguments and disagreements can happen and we can all do it as grown ups. It's just too bad that the administrator of this site had to bring us down this road by calling someone a derogatory term. Once that happened all civility went out the window. It would be nice to feel like you can have an opinion and support it in an argument without being personally attacked by the person that runs this site.

    BTW, implying that you're going to beat someone up on a forum makes you look very foolish.

    Hope we can get back to arguing and discussing like adults.

    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    Its difficult to mandate civil discussion in threads when those that would carry themselves in a civil fashion don't post very much. We need people posting in order to set that positive tone to discussions.

    I can start deleting posts that I decide are "un-civil" but I think there are some members here on this board that wouldn't look too kindly on me playing my administrator card like that, especially given when I at times am guilty of the very stuff that I would be attempting to police.

    With that being said I'm going to go ahead and close this thread up, and hope that everyone is able to move forward.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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