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Thread: Navy v. Lehigh Results

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    Default Navy v. Lehigh Results

    Navy 19, Lehigh 15
    141 ? Stephen Dutton (LU) dec. Dustin Haislip (Navy) 9-5
    149 ? Joey Napoli (LU) dec. Eric Filipowicz (Navy) 8-2
    157 ? Bryce Saddoris (Navy) Fall Sean Bilodeau (LU) 2:13
    165 ? Mason Bailey (Navy) dec. Brandon Hatchett (LU) 5-4
    174 ? Matt DeMichiel (Navy) dec. Austin Meys (LU) 6-5
    184 ? Luke Rebertus (Navy) dec. Robert Hamlin (LU) 5-4
    197 ? Joe Kennedy (LU) dec. Greg Prioleau (Navy) 4-2
    285 ? Zach Rey (LU) dec. Mike Landis (Navy) 3-2
    125 ? Aaron Kalil (Navy) maj. dec. Mitch Berger (LU) 13-3
    133 ? Frank Cagnina (LU) dec. Tyler Sackett (Navy) 11-8

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    Default Re: Navy v. Lehigh Results

    Your highlight hurts me. Make it black. Or just delete it altogether.

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    Default Re: Navy v. Lehigh Results

    not my only upset of the weekend. fernandez over flores too. almost makes up for byers and thomuseit and jantzen blowing me ghosts........

    again. don't they know they are on my team?

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    Default Re: Navy v. Lehigh Results

    Flors tried-SHP said he was wandering aroung the mat and was dinged for stalling with the clock stopped -2 concussions in 3 weeks sux. MEYS,HAMLIN wrestled subpar matches and I see REY is back to 3-2 matches. That MONSTR should DOMINATE. Berger may be the least cosistent wrestler I've ever seen.

    As for Byers-have no clue-heard Jantzen is hurt and may be through. Big surprise there.

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