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Thread: Is mason for REAL ??

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    Default Is mason for REAL ??

    I thought this kid pretty much sucked last year-he just beat LeValley 3-1 and should move into the top 3 .Does Home Sickness have THAT much affect on these guys ?

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    Default Re: Is mason for REAL ??

    Wow, nice win for him. Although I am not that surprised after his matches with Frank the tank.

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    Default Re: Is mason for REAL ??

    I'll say yes. He looked soft last year and wasn't ready for the college style. Apparently he has his head on straight now.

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    Home is part of it...........local culture is part of it............he showed talent when he got a sweet TD againt Metcalf, but never seemed to be in shape.
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    By the way, I'm saying "yes" Mason is for real, not that "home" has anything to do with it.

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    This is why I don't get upset when a guy doesn't come to OSU. Being in the right place for you is so important. OSU has great coaches but that doesn't mean the David Taylor we are seeing now would be the same in Stillwater, and that doesn't mean Cael is a better coach. The same is true for Minnesota and Rutgers and Mason.

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    apparently he is for real.... Probably the most improved wrestler by far this year. I just don't get it after last year. we will find out for sure in march though

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    he had a lot tougher competition last year in the big ten than he has this year but with that being said he is going to be a good one

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    If I was a much more obnoxious person than I actually am, I'd bring the dialogue that I had with a certain poster relating to Mr. Mason's chances of success this year in my pre-season predictions thread this year into this thread and make a few sarcastic comments about how I was right and they were wrong.

    But I'm not that obnoxious.
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