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Thread: Is mason for REAL ??

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    Coop is a big piece
    I wish I could kick Matt Dragon in the balls. In his Dragonballz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    If I was a much more obnoxious person than I actually am, I'd bring the dialogue that I had with a certain poster relating to Mr. Mason's chances of success this year in my pre-season predictions thread this year into this thread and make a few sarcastic comments about how I was right and they were wrong.

    But I'm not that obnoxious.
    AH-c'mon -give it to him..

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    I think part of the problem at MN was that Mario lost two really good friends in Geiger and Disney with they left the program. He seems to be taking advantage of his fresh start out east though and I'm glad to see it...wish he would get in a little better shape though, I think he still gasses a little to much toward the end of matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    AH-c'mon -give it to him..
    Trying to be magnanimous, you aint helping!
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    I think he's always been quite talented. I think part of his problem was he chose a school that really didn't suit his slick/scrambly style. Rutgers(Coop) does.

    I think that coupled with being close to home has made a difference.
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