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  • sucks, and should be replaced with a "freestyle" pushout rule

    2 4.44%
  • sucks, and referees should call stalling or fleeing a lot more

    25 55.56%
  • is not a big deal

    12 26.67%
  • is awesome, and the rules should encourage more out of bounds wrestling!

    1 2.22%
  • anyoone who leaves the mat should be shot

    5 11.11%
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Thread: Out of Bounds

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    The 3rd period in the Clark/JO match was a classic example of the top guy pushing the guy out of bounds when the bottom man gets to his feet. There is no incentive to try to take him back to the mat if you can just walk him out of bounds. Great strategy by Clark if they ref doesn't do anything about it. Is able to ride just long enough to where JO can't get the major. And btw, I dislike Okie St and Iowa equally.

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    When I reffed Freestyle we had to raise our arm and yell zone when the wrestlers were close to the lines-if they did not come back to the middle within a few seconds after I'd warned them I blew the whistle for a restart. IMO, if a guy takes a step back off the whistle he should be warned. Circle all day-but back up for no reason ? Nah.
    Oh the days of the passivity calls. I dislike the push out rule.

    It may be too dramatic of change but in folk I'd like to see stalling call award a point plus choice of position. Maybe even incorporate a passivity circle onto the mat but that's probably way too drastic for sure.

    Edit: Art I just noticed you posted about a passivity circle too. Maybe it has some interest?

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