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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    I've never really understood this lining of thinking that "Bubba owns Caldwell". They only ever wrestled once, and Bubba won that match with a 5 point move with something like 20 seconds left.

    As to the actual question being asked...he's a 149, like vais says there is no reason for him to go up.
    I dont think Bubba owns Caldwell. For the life of me I dont know how he lost to him. However, it's still a loss he had, and I doubt he'd be that thrilled to go wrestle him.

    Nellie you are nuts if you think DC would duck anyone. Just because he doesn't purposely go up to a weigh that isn't his natural weight class doesn't mean he's "ducking" anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NellieNell125 View Post
    The cut to 149 is killing Caldwell. That is why it took so long for him to get on the mat this year. He is only wrestling 149 because he is ducking Taylor and Bubba.
    That is funny!!!!

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    i dont think caldwell is ducking anyone, lets not forget the man went undefeated in 2009 and beat metcalf(and it wasnt a lucky win either he clearly beat him) so he has nothing to prove so theres no reason for him to jump up. maybe he should go up to 65 and wrestle burroughs and howe

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