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Thread: Wrestler arrested for a butt-drag...are you kidding me?

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    I've been arrested for less...
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    Kid gets expelled and then in court here is what they give him:
    "Instead, all Hill has to do to get the charge dismissed is attend Thursday's mediation session, apologize to his teammate and write an essay about his experience, said a person with knowledge of the agreement."

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I was out there in 89-making 27K-after food stamps and medicaid Welfare came up to right at 30 K-no ONE could even exist on $500 a month in cali today.

    Many today on welfare use the excuse that there are no jobs out there to stay on a system that pays cash, food stamps, housing assistance, help with utilities, medicaid, etc.. If you add all these cash and non cash aide programs together you`d have to find these people a job make 30k-40k a year to replace all the aide their getting. What single mom with a HSD or family would get off that to find an entry level job and struggle to meet her own bills.

    The above quote is from a RAND study of Cali welfare and all assistance via 1989.

    I know people think Welfare is a joke but most do live far below the poverty line -yet single mothers with 2 kids received $1,200 in cash and FS-then add housing , utilities,and medical and you are looking at the above #s
    I am disabled and receive $571 and $48 in FS=a little over 7K annual. I live in a converted attic and pay $350 per month after phone and internet and car insurance I exist on $164 per month . This does NOT include co-pays to Dr.s or for meds .the Car goes next as I can no longer afford the MANDATORY insurance or the price of gas.
    Everything that you say in the above is completely false.

    For starters, the law was changed in 1997, thus nullifying your source completely. Secondly, "welfare" is means teested, so very few qualify for all of the services that you list; very few. If you take cash assistance alone, your average recipient, nationwide, gets less that $400 per month from welfare. I see no one getting rich off of that.
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    Default Re: Wrestler arrested for a butt-drag...are you kidding me?

    I used 1989 as a reference point as I had first hand knowledge as I was THERE. IF the law changed I neither know nor care-Welfare is not the answer and NO ONE is getting rich-yet when you get a group of people dependent upon a system then start tinkering with that system everyone gets hurt.
    AS for ''EVERYTHING I say being completely false''-I can show you my FORM SSA -1099-$6,768.00
    The RAND study was paste/copied from the Net. Once again ,I prefaced my comments on 1989 as that is when I was in Fontana ,CA. teaching English . I neither know nor care about any aspect of California now save the pittance I HAD in a teacher's pension has disappeared.

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