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    Something I wrote the other day
    Gold is an idiot.

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    FINALLY-blaming others is easy -accepting RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions is horribly difficult yet perhaps the biggest hurdle each individual faces on this journey . I learned young and owe a second JOLT to a basketball coach !! I had waited to start my HPER (health,physical education and recreation) minor until my Jr . year at IU. I was exhausted from running from Ballentine Hall to Assembly Hall-about 3 miles-and was 30 seconds late to coaching of basketball(a requirement) and Jimmy Crews sent me to Knight's office-Knight listened to my EXCUSES and then threw a basketball in my face and told me to quit feeling SORRY for myself !! Then he told me I was waste of time and get the FICK out of his office !!
    I thought about going back in and decking him but all that would have accomplished was get me crucified as Knight was God like in Indiana at that time .Then as I was storming around it hit me-SATORI-he was right -what type of idiot waits that long to start his minor ? whose fault was it that I had to do all this running around ?? MINE . No one else , MINE.
    I still wake up hearing him screaming and feeling that B-Ball hitting me and I force myself out of bed . QUIT feeling sorry for your self -words to live by .
    The ONUS for all is on you . Nice article .Can you live up to it ?

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    You made some important points.

    In my biz I differentiate between "being busy" & "being productive." Hate the former, love the latter.

    Also if you don't have an agreed upon game plan with assigned HATS, (you are the X, & that guy is the Y etc) then that group is doomed to being BUSY & UNproductive.

    But the main thing is that you realized that you had a choice about how much responsibility you could have taken. You realized you could have CAUSED more things to happen that would have been productive & not just busy.

    Kudos for that. As far as I am concerned, that's basically life in a nutshell.

    Nice wake up call story RUSS...

    I am coming up on 11 months since a MD told me I had 6-12 months to live. I like to think that part of the reason I am still here is the fact that I looked @ what I did to create my circumstance & what things was I mentally in agreement with that made it ok for me to be in that situation.

    Responsibility is a bitch especially when you push it to the Nth degree...

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