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Thread: Toughest DII Schedule?

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    Default Toughest DII Schedule?

    Check out Findlay's schedule this year. It includes three top 14 teams(Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio State), plus Ohio U, UNC Greensboro, NC State and Northern Illinois.

    11/3 9:00 AM Wrestling (M) Eastern Michigan Open Ypsilanti, MI
    11/10 9:00 AM Wrestling (M) Michigan State Open East Lansing, MI
    11/17 9:00 AM Wrestling (M) Ashland Open Ashland, OH
    11/24 10:00 AM Wrestling (M) Iowa, NC St., ICC Lakewood St. Edward HS
    12/2 9:00 AM Wrestling (M) Cumberland Quad Lebanon, TN w/Limestone, C-N
    12/8 12:00 PM Wrestling (M) Illinois, McKendree Champaign, IL
    12/15 12:00 PM Wrestling (M) Ohio U., OSU Athens, OH w/UNC-Greensboro
    1/4 10:00 AM Wrestling (M) Midwest Classic Indianapolis, IN
    1/5 10:00 AM Wrestling (M) Midwest Classic Indianapolis, IN
    1/9 7:00 PM Wrestling (M) Ashland Ashland, OH
    1/12 12:00 PM Wrestling (M) N. Illinois, Buffalo Dekalb, IL
    1/26 9:00 AM Wrestling (M) Western St., Central OK Gunnison, CO w/Mesa St., Grand Canyon
    2/1 7:00 PM Wrestling (M) West Liberty State Findlay
    2/2 7:00 PM Wrestling (M) Pitt-Johnstown Findlay
    2/14 7:00 PM Wrestling (M) Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN
    2/15 7:00 PM Wrestling (M) Mercyhurst Findlay
    3/2 9:00 AM Wrestling (M) Midwest Regionals Indianapolis, IN
    3/14 12:00 PM Wrestling (M) Division II Nationals Cedar Rapids, IA
    3/15 12:00 PM Wrestling (M) Division II Nationals Cedar Rapids, IA
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    Default Re: Toughest DII Schedule?

    I would have to agree, that's a great scheduel! Nice recruiting tool for a "small school" program.

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    Default Re: Toughest DII Schedule?

    Brother Champ Kind,
    I don't have San Francisco States 2007-08 schedule, but I would put our typical schedule up against Findley's most years. It was pretty much a D1 schedule.Most years, we would have duals against Cal Bakersfield, Cal Poly, Fresno, Stanford, Oregon St, Oregon, Portland, Fullerton and which ever midwest or eastern team who were making a west coast trip (in past years Iowa St., Penn, Illinois, Ohio St. Temple, Mich.St) and tournaments include Las Vegas Invit. , Midlands and we host the Calif Collegiate Championships (all Calif. 4 yr schools + occasional out of state teams such as Nebraska-Kearny). Granted, the schedule will weaken as more CA powers like Fresno & San Jose St. are killed, but I think we have had a great schedule for a non-scholarship D2.

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