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Discuss Cutting Weight at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I have to lose 6lbs in two days for a big tourney. What is the ...
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    I have to lose 6lbs in two days for a big tourney. What is the best (and healthiest) way to do this.

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    MTSU, it really depends on whether you have the six pounds to spare or if you are already too lean. I would suggest different techniques depending on the situation. Obviously you are going to have to cut down caloric intake but you will need enough to still give you "fuel" for your workouts that you still have before the meets.

    I could usually lose the last 2 lbs. without too much problem the day of the meet via very small snacks (vegetables, small amount of fluids) then I would do some kind of workout at lunchtime in the gym or outside if that's possible (we played pick up basketball or we ran)

    Six lbs is not impossible but you have to remain disciplined and know your own body.

    I was never one to recommend "sweat, spit, shit" as a way to get those last few pounds although sometimes for me the last two lbs were the hardest. If its early in the season, obviously do your best to control it with diet and lots of cardio workouts. From there try to control your weight better so you aren't having to cut six lbs the last two days. Its going to leave you weaker if you are having to do the more drastic measures the last two days and your opponenet who may be wrestling closer to his natural weight is going to have an advantage the longer the match goes on.

    Some of these guys on this board were better cutters than I was. I was never more than 8 lbs over my weight coming in to a season so the pre-season work outs usually got me to within 3 and then I just did some simple cutting the day before and the day of meets.

    I am not a nutritionist but I would also recommend that you take some kind of a multivitamin during the season just to make sure you are balancing out if you are going without some kinds of foods. In addition, you still have to keep hydrated so try to balance whats going in with whats coming out. Your metabolism should make up the difference.

    Above all else, have fun. I was so busy wrestling and competing that I really forgot how to have fun again until I was a junior/senior. Consequently I did my best wrestling then.
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