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Thread: Cal Fullerton vs Navy [Videos Added]

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    Default Cal Fullerton vs Navy [Videos Added]

    I know that I might take some heat here, but I just got back from the Cal State Fullerton vs Navy match and was disgusted in the way that Fullerton won the dual.
    They won 21-17 overall, but the score was 15-17 going into the last match and the Navy wrestler was winning and the Fullerton guy was givng up, then they collided heads (I personally did not think it was illegal) and the refree called an illegal head butt on the Navy guy. They awarded the point and the Fullerton took his time on the side of the mat. Dan Hicks (Fullerton Head coach) then came over and had the trainer check him out, the wrestler said he was ok and he was able to follow the trainiers finger with his eyes just fine.
    Then all Hicks started to wave his hands and say he was done. The wrestler jumped up and was willing to wrestle but the coach said no, thus giving them the match (6 points) to Fullerton and winning the dual.
    I thought it was very unsportsman like and that the Navy was robbed of a very good dual. They pushed Fullerton's gas tanks and wore them out on their own mat.

    I know there is times when you should not let your athlete continue, but this was not one of those times. It was clearly their only shot to win the dual and they took the weak way out.

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    I feel like I've heard a story like this before.

    Anywho, which weight was it? and I'd really have to see it to believe it.

    Not calling you out, if that happened, that would really be shady. I'd be irate if that happened to my team. Or in an important dual.
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    Hicks still has pretty close ties to the Navel Academy (he went to school there and organized a clinic in memory of an ex-team mate very recently), I'd have a tough time seeing him pull that without the athlete having a history of concussion or another serious reason.

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    Hey Greco, so I'm a little lost just because of one match, your disgusted of the hole team. wasn't there a lot of outstanding matches where the scrambles or there sand ups were phenomenal. I saw a little bit of the Cal F. vs U.S.A N.A. I feel I got what a paid for. But don't think I'm trying to say it wasn't wrong what Cal Fullerton did but everywhere you go there will be incidents like that one. So don't take it out on the school its just another bad Power crazed reff and coach. but what else is new, its the same old tune.

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    165, and Matt Demichiel...

    For what it's worth, reading off the Cal State-Fullerton press release, Demichiel was warned from the same thing earlier in the match.

    Regardless, you'll likely see Jason Coyne at 165 for Navy's tri-meet in Bakersfield tommorrow as a result (a DQ automatically means a suspension for your team's next date of competition, as Mark Perry found out last year)

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    Refresh my memory, perry was choking brown out or something like that right? I remember agreeing with the calls but I dont remember the specifics
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    Default Re: Cal Fullerton vs Navy

    Can anyone tell me what happened at 125? Looks like Mccaffrey got decked as the first period ended. Caught or pwned?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Refresh my memory, perry was choking brown out or something like that right? I remember agreeing with the calls but I dont remember the specifics
    I think Perry was officially dq'd because he let a whole bunch of four letter words fly in the ref's direction.

    Has Joe Baker fallen off the face of the earth or something?

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    The press release says McCaffrey was pinned at the horn of the first period.
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