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Thread: Dylan Carew possibly out for the season

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    Exactly what happened to me, you overuse the good leg protecting the weak one and IT goes on you as well. Bad news, I feel for the kid. He's got a lot of work to do now to even get close to where he used to be. This sport can be rough as hell on the joints.

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    I dont know that I see the wisdom in a freshman trying to wrestle a whole season with a torn ACL. If it's your senior year that's one thing, but wrestling on it as a freshmen just seems like it can damage your long-term career a whole lot more than its going to help your team this year.

    But who asked me. I hope he recovers to serviceability; it's always a shame when someone's career ends before it starts. Reminds me of Cameron Doggett.

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    It will probably affect him well into next season as well. It will take a little bit of time just to build up the strength of the newly torn ligaments so he can safely manuever on crutches after the first surgery. I can't imagine them operating on both knees at the same time (unless they're planning on him being in a wheelchair for a couple months). Being on crutches I think actually helps the healing process of the repaired knee to strengthen the stabilizer muscles. So he will have to be fully functional on the first operated ACL before he gets the second one operated on. If it's his 1st tear of either knee and you look at it as just a torn ACL and it will not be career threatening. It will be a tougher mental battle more than anything because of both knees being damaged and having to do it twice. He will be in goundhog's day for a year.

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