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Discuss The Adam Frey Challenge at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The Adam Frey Foundation has announced ?The Adam Frey Challenge,? which invites wrestling teams to ...
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    Default The Adam Frey Challenge

    The Adam Frey Foundation has announced ?The Adam Frey Challenge,? which invites wrestling teams to match Oklahoma State Head Coach John Smith's bid to purchase 25 copies of ?Adam Frey: A Collection of Blogs & Stories? and distribute them to his team to read. Any teams interested in matching Smith's offer and purchasing multiple copies the book should contact Adam Frey Foundation president Cindy Frey at and will be listed as challenge participants on

    The book contains the stories of Adam Frey, a gifted college student and wrestler at Cornell University, who passed away at age 23 after a 21-month battle with cancer. During his struggle, Adam kept a remarkable blog that became a daily inspiration for thousands and won him fans around the world. His blog entries ? which chronicle his experiences as a young cancer patient and eloquently reveal Adam's faith, humor and spirit ? are the core of the book. They are intertwined with numerous first-hand tales from Adam's life as told by some of those closest to him.

    All proceeds of the book benefit the Adam Frey Foundation, an organization created by Adam himself before he passed away, which provides cancer patients with gifts and support to make their treatment experience a more enjoyable one.

    The book is co-authored by Adam Frey and fellow Cornellian James Moffatt, who has written three other books of wrestling stories: A Turning Point (with Roger Olesen); Wrestlers At The Trials ; and STROBEL: Stories From A Life With Wrestling . Amateur Wrestling News recently selected Moffatt as the 2010 Bob Dellinger Award winner naming him ?The National Wrestling Writer of the Year.'

    For more information on ?Adam Frey: A Book of Blogs and Stories,? visit, and for more information on the Adam Frey Foundation which it benefits, visit AdamFrey.Us.

    Book Critiques:

    ?Adam Frey: A Collection of Blogs and Stories is not just about wrestling. Nor is it merely about cancer. It's a book that transcends both issues in a way reminiscent of the classic movie Brian's Song about Brian Piccolo of the Chicago Bears. Both share the same theme of athletes battling courageously, supported by family, friends and faith, to provide a story that is, yes, tragic, but, ultimately uplifting.? -Mark Palmer, Intermat

    ?This book will touch all readers. It's a raw behind-the-scenes look into Adam's life, his pain, his sport, and his loves. Adam, in many ways, was the man behind the curtain, pulling the levers and strings on the hearts of those he loved. Buy this book and help make Adam's dream become reality.? - Scott Casber, Takedown Wrestling Media

    Participating Teams:

    • Oklahoma State University
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