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Thread: 2010 Body Bar Results/Discussion: Finals Matches Posted

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    Fleming wins 10-1 despite the fact that he was ridden for most of the second and third period.

    Sommer wins 5-3 at 149

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    Kerber wins 3-2 at 165

    Lewnes opens things up a little bit here in this match and winds up with a 13-5 major over Bennett assuming he's likely earned himself the OW award with his only challenger coming from the 197 final. Speaking of...

    Cam Simaz v. Dustin Kilgore

    1st Period: Both guys out working head taps early on. Kilgore a little more persistent with them, Simaz looking to snap into a front head. Kilgore looks for his spear single but Simaz able to block him off. Simaz with a shot now but Kilgore blocks off. Kilgore in deep now on the side he usually doesn't shoot to, and he trips it down for the TD...2-0 Kilgore. Simaz changes over up to his feet, Kilgore returns him down, and Simaz up again and away for the escape...2-1 Kilgore. Bad shot form the outside by Kilgore now, and Simaz snaps to a front head and circles down to the legs for the TD...3-2 Simaz. Kilgore tripods up, fights the hands and he's away to tie the match up 3-3. Kilgore with another iffy shot, Simaz looking to score the same way he did earlier but Kilgore fights it off. Simaz tries to pass an elbow. Now Simaz with a forced shot, Kilgore nearly spins behind but they're out. Period ends tied 3-3

    2nd Period: Kilgore starts down. Simaz jumps the gun. Kilgore up to the feet and he spins away quickly...4-3 Kilgore and he takes a bad shot and Simaz nearly circles behind, Kilgore scrambles and now he's looking for his cradle with a front head, but he kind of forces it and Simaz able to work behind for a front headlock TD of his own...5-4 Simaz. Kilgore out quick to tie it up, and he's back in on Simaz in a funky situation. Simaz trying to pass the leg but Kilgore gets his head out and picks up the TD...7-5 Kilgore. Simaz changes over to his feet and he's away...7-6 Kilgore. Kilgore in on a nice blast double, transfers to a single, and now Simaz switches his hips around from the feet and he's in on a single but they go out of bounds. Period ends 7-6 Kilgore.

    3rd Period: Simaz starts down. Kilgore jumps the gun. Kilgore warned for stalling for not returning when he drops to a single. Kilgore looks cradle but Simaz up and away for the escape to tie the match up 7-7. Kilgore dives in on a single and Simaz is able to defend again. Kilgore trying to push the pace and he's in on his single that he likes and he finishes for the TD...9-7 Kilgore. Restart with 1:10 to go. Simaz tripods up a couple of times, Kilgore able to return with a single, but Kilgore gets sloppy on the edge and Simaz is able to spin behind for a reversal to tie the match up 9-9. Kilgore up and out immediately, 10-9 Kilgore. Simaz in quick on a single, trying to run behind but Kilgore able to whizzer and stay square. Simaz dives in on a low single a couple times, Kilgore able to sprawl, now Kilgore locks on his front head. Kilgore able to defend all attempts.

    Dustin Kilgore dec Cam Simaz 10-9
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    Kilgore, very nice.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Bosak wins 6-2 at 184, Barlow wins by the same score at heavyweight to close things out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    Damn you, Kyle Dake.
    Kyle is hurt. He barely practiced all week and was really banged up on Friday. If it wasn't the big season opener he may not have wrestled.

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