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Thread: #6 Penn State vs #17 Lehigh - Predictions/Discussion/Results

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    Nice article on LU Wrestling from a local paper....

    Lehigh University wrestling: Lehigh visits Pitt and Penn State this weekend - The Morning Call

    It's the kind of early season wrestling schedule that makes most fans shudder as if they were feeling a cold December wind. Lehigh University, fresh off a 45-0 spanking of Drexel, goes on the road to take on No. 14 Pitt at 7 p.m. on Friday night and No. 6 Penn State at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

    "What you're going to find out about this team is that it loves to compete," said Lehigh head coach Pat Santoro, the Bethlehem native who eschewed the family tradition of attending Lehigh and wrestling for the program to wrestle at Pitt. "We didn't give our team an easy schedule because they want to compete with the best. That's why we train. That's why we compete."

    The Mountain Hawks, ranked No. 15 in the country, have three freshmen in the lineup, plus three ranked wrestlers, including Zach Rey, the top-ranked 285-pounder in the country. Rey will be severely tested this weekend. He faces No. 11 Ryan Tomei at Pitt, with whom he has split matches, and No. 9 Cameron Wade of Penn State, who beat Rey in freestyle this summer.

    "There are going to be some fun matches," Santoro predicted of the weekend's matches. "With Pitt, there are going to be a lot of one- or two-point matches, so it's going to come down to what team is battling at the end, which team can build momentum. We're favored in some bouts; they're favored in some bouts. We're going to have to be mentally tough against Pitt going in, and then less than 48 hours later, we wrestle at Penn State."

    While many consider Santoro's return to become head coach at Lehigh a return home because of his family legacy, returning to his alma mater in Pittsburgh is another homecoming. He won two NCAA championships in his final two seasons at Pitt, and his former coach, Rande Stottlemyer, is still coaching the Panthers. Santoro holds school records for most career wins (167), pins (43), pins in a season (18), wins in a season (49), among others.

    "There are a lot of really good people in Pittsburgh," Santoro said. "I really found myself as a wrestler there. Rande is still there and it's always good to see him. I'm excited to go back. My college roommate will be at the match and I'll see a lot of people I went to school with."

    The gravity of the match is not lost on a homecoming, however. The Panthers have five returning All-Americans in the lineup, with a sixth, Matt Wilps, taking a redshirt year. Tyler Nauman is ranked No. 3 at 141 and will face Lehigh freshman Frank Dutton. Pitt's Anthony Zanetta is No. 14 at 125 and will take on Lehigh senior Mitch Berger. Zac Thomusselt, No. 12 at 197, will take on Lehigh junior Joe Kennedy, who is ranked in one poll but not in another. In addition to Rey and Kennedy, Lehigh features ranked wrestlers in Brandon Hatchett (No. 11 at 165) and Robert Hamlin (No. 14 at 184).

    "We're actually focusing on Pitt right now because that's the first match and they're ranked ahead of us," Santoro said.

    Penn State has improved its national profile and recruiting exponentially under the leadership of second-year head coach Cael Sanderson, the only wrestler to ever go undefeated throughout his college career while winning four NCAA Division I championships. The Penn State match is scary all around. In addition to the Rey-Wade matchup at heavyweight, Lehigh's Hamlin will take on Quentin Wright, the No. 3 184-pounder in the country.

    "Wright is pretty funky," Santoro said. "He can throw. He's an All-American for a reason, but that said, I think Robert is an All-American candidate. This is a match he needs to have. These are the guys he's training for. He knows that."

    Lehigh has won the last two meetings with Penn State. Troy Letters, who won an NCAA championship for Lehigh, is an assistant coach for the Nittany Lions.

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    Video is up live on Flo, dual getting started in about 15 minutes.

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    where? I cant find it
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Frank Martellotti v. Mitch Berger

    1st Period: Up and going here. Martellotti drops in on a single leg and cuts to a double to pick up the TD...2-0 Martellotti. Lifts and returns a couple of times, now sitting looking for a tilt. Riding with a cross wrist. Berger up again but Martellotti brings him back down again, Martellotti rolling through with the tilt Robles style, gets his count. Ref finally gives the three to put Martellotti up 5-0. Berger up quick, and he's away for the escape...5-1 Martellotti. Martellotti with a throw by, and he works down to the mat for the TD...7-1 Martellotti and Berger away for the escape to make it 7-2. Martellotti shoots across the body in on a high crotch. Berger defending well. Period ends 7-2 Martellotti.

    2nd Period: Berger starts down. Martellotti works him flat off the whistle. Berger up now and he's away for the escape...7-3 Martellotti. Martellotti with a high crotch attempt, shoots past Berger. Martellotti with an elbow pass looking for a high crotch, Berger redirects and drops in on a shot of his own. Now trying to come out the back door, sets Martellotti to his hip and scoops a leg and picks up the TD...7-5 Martellotti. Martellotti up and out quickly...8-5 Martellotti. Period ends that score.

    3rd Period: Martellotti starts down. Berger trying to stick a boot in here off the start. Martellotti stands up now changes over from the feet and drops down to the legs. Berger tries to kick over but Martellotti secures both ankles for the reversal, Berger away quickly...10-6 Martellotti. 1:00 to go, Martellotti with 1:12 in riding time. Martellotti dive bombs in on a head inside single, Berger trying to sit the corner. and its stalemated with Berger very close to a TD. Martellotti adds riding time.

    Frank Martellotti dec Mitch Berger 11-6

    Penn State 3 Lehigh 0
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    Bryan Pearsall v. Frank Cagnina

    1st Period: Cagnina out trying to control an elbow early on. Big head snap now. Cagnina snaps to a front head but Pearsall able to recover. Cagnina in on a low single on the edge. Pearsall looking to work out of bounds but Cagnina stays with it and nearly gets the two, waved off for reaction time. Out of bounds. Cagnina looks for the same low shot he just got in on. Cagnina in on a high crotch now, Pearsall rolls it through three times, Cagnina staying with it, trying to scoop the legs, Pearsall rolls it through again. Ankle to ankle and they're stalemated. Period ends scoreless.

    2nd Period: Cagnina starts down. Pearsall looking to go spiral, Cagnina up to the feet. Pearsall sticks a leg in on the feet, Cagnina skips his hips over and works down to the legs and finishes for a reversal...2-0 Cagnina. Catches Pearsall on his back now, picks up two backs...4-0 Cagnina. Pearsall up and away...4-1 Cagnina. Cagnina looking for a dump, Pearsall catches him underneath and runs him out of bounds. Cagnina reaches for the low ankle again but doesn't clear his tie, Pearsall with a reshot attempt. Now in the whizzer position and they end there. 4-1 Cagnina.

    3rd Period: Pearsall starts down. Pearsall rolls through off the whistle as Cagnina rides with a spiral. Pearsall up to his feet, Cagnina drops to the legs...Pearsall tries to roll him through but Cagnina holds him on his back for a quick two near fall...6-1 Cagnina. Cagnina releases off the whistle...6-2 Cagnina. Nice low ankle pick TD for Cagnina and he releases intentionally...8-3 Cagnina. :45 to go. Cagnina passes the elbow. Pearsall reaches for an ankle but doesn't clear his hands. Cagnina just runs him over on the edge for the TD...10-3 Cagnina. Three straight false starts near the end. Cagnina picks up a point as a result. Cagnina adds riding time to end it.

    Frank Cagnina maj Bryan Pearsall 12-3

    Lehigh 4 Penn State 3
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    Andrew Alton v. Stephen Dutton

    1st Period: Alton in quick on a double leg and finishes it very quickly...2-0 Alton. Dutton just laying on the mat...Alton gets a little sloppy trying to force from the top and Dutton with a reversal and immediate escape for Alton...3-2 Alton. Alton with a duck under, comes up from underneath Dutton with a huge lefty headlock and finishes for the fall.

    2nd Period:

    3rd Period:

    Andrew Alton fall Stephen Dutton

    Penn State 9 Lehigh 4

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    James English v. Joey Napoli

    1st Period: Napoli in quick on a single leg underneath, tries to come out the back door then decides to cut the corner and scoop the leg up for the TD...2-0 Napoli. English to the feet, peels the hands and he's away. 2-1 Napoli. English snaps down to a front headlock, Napoli with another shot attempt looked for the single but he didn't clear the tie again. Napoli kind of stumbles into a high crotch across the body...English rolls it through a couple of times and he comes out on top with the TD and cuts immediately, leaves the match tied 3-3. Napoli dives in on another high crotch, English looking to come around the corner. Napoli has the leg scooped and he has the TD...5-3 Napoli at the end of the period.

    2nd Period: English starts down. Napoli with a leg in, English sits and its stalemated. Napoli tries to throw a leg in again but English catches it. They just kind of sit in that position. English away for the escape...5-4 Napoli. Pace slowed down quite a bit here. Napoli dives across the body yet again, English trying to sit the corner but he's going to run out of time. Period ends 5-4 Napoli

    3rd Period: Napoli starts down. Tripods up, English lifts the ankle and works him flat. English lets him go...6-4 Napoli. English looks to throw an underhook by and drop in on a shot, Napoli catches him underneath. Napoli in underneath now looking to come out the back door, English steps over to an ankle trying to kick away but its stalemated. Napoli with a bad shot attempt from outside but English just blocks him off. Napoli tired. Crowd booing. Doesn't matter.

    Joey Napoli dec James English 6-4

    Penn State 9 Lehigh 6
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