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Discuss 08 D1 Wrestling AA Predictions (I'm Bored) at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I like the picks that have 12 AAs from Ohio....
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    Default Re: 08 D1 Wrestling AA Predictions (I'm Bored)

    I like the picks that have 12 AAs from Ohio.

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    Default Re: 08 D1 Wrestling AA Predictions (I'm Bored)

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnythompsonnum1;12959.
    All Heavyweight matches at the NCAA's seem to come down to scores of 3-2. maybe he can be 3 instead of 2.

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    Default Re: 08 D1 Wrestling AA Predictions (I'm Bored)

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnythompsonnum1 View Post
    Alright, I've done enough analyzing and overthinking. Here you go

    1. Troy Nickerson Junior Cornell
    2. Jayson Ness sophomore Minnesota
    3. Tanner Gardner Senior Stanford
    4. Luke Smith Senior Central Michigan
    5. Angel Escobedo Sophomore Indiana
    6. Charlie Falck Junior Iowa
    7. Paul Danahoe Junior Nebraska
    8. Pat Castillo Senior Northern Illinois

    1. Mack Reiter Senior Minnesota
    2. Tyler McCormick Senior Missouri
    3. Coleman Scott Senior Oklahoma State
    4. Drew Headlee Senior Pittsburgh
    5. Joe Baker Junior Navy
    6. Jake Strayer Junior Penn State
    7. Jimmy Kenneddy Sophomore Illinois
    8. Andrae Hernandez Junior Indiana

    1. Don Fisch Senior Rider
    2. Ryan Lang Senior Northwestern
    3. Brandon Rader Junior West Virginia
    4. Manuel Rivera Senior Minnesota
    5. Charles Griffen Senior Hofstra
    6. Alex Tsirtsis Senior Iowa
    7. Nathan Morgan Senior Oklahoma State
    8. J Jaggers Junior Ohio State

    1. Dustin Schlatter Junior Minnesota
    2. Josh Churella Senior Michigan
    3. Gregor Gillispie Junior Edinboro
    4. Brent Metcalf Sophomore Iowa
    5. Lance Palmer Sophomore Ohio State
    6. David Jaurgui Junior West Virginia
    7. J.P. O'Conner Sophomore Harvard
    8. Scott Ervin Senior Appalachian State

    1. Brandon Becker Senior Indiana
    2. C.P. Schlatter Senior Minnesota
    3. Matt Kocher Senior Pittsburgh
    4. Craig Henning Senior Wisconsin
    5. Michael Poeta Junior Illinois
    6. Ryan Hluschack Senior Drexel
    7. Josh Zupancic Junior Stanford
    8. Andrew Flannegan Senior Harvard

    1. Mark Perry Senior Iowa
    2. Eric Tannenbaum Senior Michigan
    3. Pat Pitsch Senior Arizona State
    4. Mike Miller Sophomore Central Michigan
    5. Stephen Ancerverage Junior Cornell
    6. Stephen Dwyer Sophomore Nebraska
    7. Tyler Safratowich Junior Minnesota
    8. Roger Smith-Bergsrud Junior Illinois

    1. Keith Gavin Senior Pittsburgh
    2. Matt Stolpinski Senior Navy
    3. Gabriel Dretsch Senior Minnesota
    4. Brandon Mason Junior Oklahoma State
    5. Steve Luke Junior Michigan
    6. Jay Borshell Sophomore Iowa
    7. Brandon Sinnott Senior Central Michigan
    8. Michael Letts Sophomore Maryland

    1. Jake Herbert Senior Northwestern
    2. Roger Kish Senior Minnesota
    3. Jake Varner Sophomore Iowa State
    4. Mike Pucillo Sophomore Ohio State
    5. Tyrell Todd Junior Michigan
    6. Raymond Jordan Junior Missouri
    7. Louis Caputo Junior Harvard
    8. Marc Bennett Senior Indiana

    1. Phil Davis Senior Penn State
    2. JD Bergman Senior Ohio State
    3. Mike Tamillow Senior Northwestern
    4. Josh Glenn Senior American
    5. Joel Flaggert Senior Oklahoma
    6. Craig Brester Sophomore Nebraska
    7. Max Askren Sophomore Missouri
    8. Ryan Goodman Senior North Carolina State

    1. Dustin Fox Senior Northwestern
    2. Ed Pendergaust Senior Navy
    3. Bubba Gritter Junior Central Michigan
    4. Mat Koz Senior Tennessee Chattanooga
    5. Darren Burns Senior North Carolina-Greensboro
    6. Michael Spaid Senior Bloomsburg
    7. Wade Sauer Junior Cal-State Fullerton
    8. Matt Fields Senior Iowa
    Son of a Gun! I left Wynn Michalak off this list? What the Hell? I oughtta be slapped.
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    Default Re: 08 D1 Wrestling AA Predictions (I'm Bored)

    I've been working on a list, but with all of the rumors flying around about who's moving up, who's using their ORS, etc. I'm holding off.

    So far I'm hearing that Bergman is going up to HWT. The word is that he's up to 230 and working at the OTC with the HWT's. Anyone know if this is true? Someone also mentioned that Davis was moving up to HWT too.....any word on that one?

    If so that completely changes the landscape of both weight classes.

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    Default Re: 08 D1 Wrestling AA Predictions (I'm Bored)

    Johnny T has no respect for anyone from American, especially Glenn from American (4th, lol), but Glenn will have another fantastic year. Lots more pins this year.

    Cannon (Only a sophomore) will CERTAINLY be in the hunt at 165. Kid is a monster on top.

    K. Borshoff (Also a soph.) will also be a contender for AA at 141.

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