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    hi all, I had considered joining the wrestling team in highschool but never did. Now I'm probably going to va tech, and I am wondering if it would be possible to join the team with no exerience? If so, what would the tryouts be like? What should I expect?

    If it woudnt workout, are there any other options as far as learning how to wrestle and practice wrestling?

    Thanks! Are any of you from the northern va area (warrenton)?

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    The most accomplished freestyle wrestler in the world, Alexander Medved, started wrestling at 20 years old. He won 3 Olympics and was never defeated. Tell that to whoever prevents you from starting to wrestle.

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    Roster spots for wrestling in college, even walk ons are often limited due to Title IX, but if this is what you really want to do, then by all means go for it.

    Worst they can do is tell you no, and if they do I imagine a school as big as VA Tech would likely have a club team that you could join.
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    On the NCWA site, Virginia Tech is listed as having a NCWA club so you might be able to join that and compete against other clubs.

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    Hree you go nva. This is 06 webpage, but there is contact information there. Actually, you may have a whole lot more fun learning with the club than getting hammered in the varsity room a couple of times day.

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    i have some years of eligibility left as well...hmmmm
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