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Discuss Wrestlings Loss: Ed Aliverti died on Wednesday. at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I may be a day late and a dollar short on this thread Brothers, but ...
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    Default Wrestlings Loss: Ed Aliverti died on Wednesday.

    I may be a day late and a dollar short on this thread Brothers, but I just ran across this sad notice tonight. Ed Aliverti, age 79, the "Voice of Wrestling" was one of the people that truly made our sport special. With his powerful and one of a kind voice, when you heard Mr. Aliverti's voice, calling for a wrestler to report, announcing the records of two competitors or making an excited, ad lib commentary on some action over on mat 7, you KNEW you were watching or (better still) wrestling somewhere special!

    I first heard Mr. Aliverti's voice my 1st year of wrestling, a 1-15 H.S. sophomore who was lucky enough to score a ticket to the the California H.S. State Championships. I was so entranced by his voice that it played over and over in my head, the fantasy always scripted with Mr. Aliverti directing the crowd to watch me about to do something great on the mat! It was my goal and my dream to at least once, just once, hear Mr. Aliverti announce my name at a wrestling tournament. Fortunately, it would turn out that I and thousands of other young dreamers would have a chance to hear our names in that beautiful, wrestlers only voice a number of times - HS and Freestyle States, Jr. Nationals in Iowa, Jr. Worlds in Canada, US Open in Las Vegas, NCAA's, the Olympic trials and games, and many other, and every time, I was as proud as the first time, because if Mr. Aliverti spoke your name over a loudspeaker in a gym, you had something to be proud of!! I have no doubt that thousands of wrestlers shared these same feelings over the many years of Mr. Aliverti's service to our sport.

    Thank you Mr. Aliverti, for all that you did for our sport and for making countless boys & girls, men & women feel special, just from the sound of your voice, as well as from your kindness and class. A true gem in our world of wrestling. May God bless you and your family Sir, and may you rest in peace.

    Morris Johnson

    (Information on regarding services, a Aliverti family blog and addiional information about Mr. Aliverti's passing)
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    Default Re: Wrestlings Loss: Ed Aliverti died on Wednesday.

    Hi Mr. Johnson!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Dad instilled in us a great love of the sport, and an unflinching respect for its wrestlers.

    I know he's up there, looking down on all of us. Perhaps if we listen close enough, we'll hear him on that mic one more time.

    Again, thank you for the kind words and the memories (cue Bob Hope) -


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