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Thread: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

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    Default It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    Schlatter moves down to 157 pounds

    University of Minnesota Sports Information

    Minneapolis, Minn. -- University of Minnesota head wrestling coach J Robinson announced today that three-time All-American and former national champion Dustin Schlatter (Massillion, Ohio) will be moving weight classes from 165 to 157.

    "With the loss of Jake Deitchler (Anoka, Minn.), and after talking with the other coaches, I decided this move will help strengthen the line-up," head coach J Robinson said. "When I approached Dustin with the idea, he just said he would do 'whatever is best for the team.' I think this shows a great leadership decision by Dustin that makes a statement of how our team is to him."

    Robinson added, "We've also moved Cody Yohn (Alamosa, Colo.) down to 165, and I feel this will make our line-up stronger."

    In his first season at 165, Schlatter ran off an 8-1 record and stands ranked at No. 2 in the country. Earlier this month, he was ranked No. 4, but jumped up two spots after beating then No. 3 John Reader of Iowa State. In his last four matches, Schlatter has beaten four ranked opponents, and was champion at the Southern Scuffle.

    Before Deitchler decided come back to Minnesota from USA Wrestling and compete this season for the Gophers, Schlatter was set to wrestle at 157. When Deitchler committed, Schlatter moved up to help the team, and he is doing so again by moving down.

    Schlatter spent his three previous seasons at Minnesota competing at 149, winning the 2006 national championship as a true freshman, the first Gopher to do so. From 2006-08 he was a three-time All-American at 149 before taking the 2008-09 season off in preparation for the World Championships, which Schlatter qualified for and competed in this past September.

    His career as a Golden Gopher has been defined by success as his 108-8 career record marks the third best winning percentage in program history, and he is the only one among the top-three with over 100 career wins.

    Schlatter will make his debut at 157 on Jan. 29 when Minnesota hosts Wisconsin in Williams Arena at 7:00 p.m.
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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    Excellent news. Lets just hope Dustin can stay healthy and really focus on picking up that 4th AA and 2nd National title.
    Lets go Brent!

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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    Gotta make him the prohibitive favorite to win the title at this weight. JP O'Connor is ruing the day.
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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    To JP's credit the two of them are 1-1 so far in their careers, and JP did win the last one.

    As a Minnesota fan I would like to think though that he'll have it together and take out all comers, JP included en route to his second title.

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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    Excellent news, I can't wait to see him wrestle PSU!

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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    I would have liked to see him stay at 165 and face the gauntlet there, but he should do well at 157...

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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    good for DS. I want to see him in the NCAA finals this year.

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    Default Re: It's official -- Schlatter to 157

    Cyler Sanderson's stock just went down...ouch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    Gotta make him the prohibitive favorite to win the title at this weight. JP O'Connor is ruing the day.
    I agree with you however alot of people were calling him the favorite to win at 165 to start the season.

    I think this helps the team alot too with JD getting screwed. Yohn should gain some valuable experience and possibly win a few matches at 165.

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