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Discuss Ness Vs Graff at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; A healthy Ness...
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    Default Re: Ness Vs Graff

    A healthy Ness

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    Default Re: Ness Vs Graff

    Bugenhagen is BIG but has no game. He hung with Everhart for about 1 minute and then you knew that he just wasn't going to do anything. Berhow probably has this by something like 7-4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TLV View Post
    because Branvold is not a giant guy that has cut down.........he was 184 and has gone up.
    I think Yohn is a 'tweener', but Branvold isn't going to dwarf him and frankly, I think the guy has some terrific moves. Branvold wins 6 of 10 between them IMO
    My apologies. I was way off, you knew what you were tlaking about. Brandvold won, but it was hella close, and he prolly should have lost.
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    Default Re: Ness Vs Graff

    Bugenhausen only weighs about 215 -if that -he is muscular -he lost on a P1 TD2 then he escaped but lost 5-4 -then Wiscy needed a fall and got a tech from Graf-29-14

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