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    Default Nate Moore update

    From Andy Hamilton's blog:

    Moore on the mend after surgeries
    Posted 1/26/2010 7:50 PM CST on
    Nate Moore?s right knee looks like he could have been the victim of a shark bite. There are a couple incision marks on his right wrist where he underwent surgery, and there?s a wrap on his left shoulder where he had yet another operation.
    But three surgeries and 11 days of hospitalization later, the Iowa wrestler is recovering after a staph infection knocked him into the intensive care unit at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
    ?Every day I can tell it keeps getting better and better,? Moore said Tuesday afternoon. ?I can almost walk up steps one leg after the other.?
    Moore, who turned 20 on Tuesday, spent part of his birthday watching the Hawkeyes practice.
    He?s going to classes again. He?s regaining the weight he lost and he walks with a slight limp as he carries around an intravenous fluid pack that he might remain hooked up to for six weeks.
    ?But I?m feeling a lot better,? he said. ?I had a tiny bit of fluid on my spine. With all the blood flow that goes through it, this thing (the IV pack) should take care of it.?
    Moore, a freshman 133-pounder, noticed swelling in his knee and soreness in his wrist on Jan. 11, one day after wrestling in the National Duals. He was admitted to the hospital later that day and released Jan. 19. He went back to the hospital two days later when the shoulder issue flared up.
    ?I couldn?t move my arm,? he said. ?I went back in, couldn?t move my arm and (Dr. Todd) McKinley was like, ?You?re going into surgery right now. I went into surgery and got (the infection) out.?
    Moore got out of the hospital and out of the house on Saturday. He spent the day in Urbandale watching his brother Nick, an Iowa recruit, wrestle at the Ed Winger Invitational.
    ?It was nice to do something besides just lay in a bed,? Moore said. ?I was getting antsy. (But) I was out like a light when I got home. I?m starting to get used to the daily things.?
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    Default Re: Nate Moore update

    Nate, your still in my prayers. Looks like this staph infection isnt anything to F with.

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    Default Re: Nate Moore update

    Nope. If you hear the word "staph", assume its bad until you hear otherwise. Heal well Nate.
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