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Discuss Micah Burak at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; How far will this kid go in the tournament -currently 15-4 losses - Simaz -1-0 ...
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    Default Micah Burak

    How far will this kid go in the tournament -currently 15-4 losses -
    Simaz -1-0
    Biondo 1-0
    Wilps 4-2 TB and 2-1
    This kid is a multi state champion from Colorado who spent 2 years at the OTC. the EIWA has like 6 ranked guys at 197 but this kid has a future -maybe NOW. I know coaches don't want him in their side of the bracket.

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    I can't see him getting past R16 (about 2-2 at NCAA's). Could breakthrough this year, probably next year, but don't see him at Round of 12.

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    Default Re: Micah Burak

    Meet Varner, meet your doom.

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    Oh, I think its gotta to benefit the young Burak to only have 4 losses and already faced these horses. You have to assume he is improving at a pretty learning curve. I like him to be "that guy" that you don't want to face early in the NCAA's.
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