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    I've been watching Grey as the season has progressed. He has been a lot more consistent this year. My theory is that 3 things are responsible for this.
    1) Adam Frey's death has inspired him to focus, to get his priorities straight and to keep his ego in check.
    2) Wrestling with Dake has improved his reactions, made him stronger and increased his endurance.
    3) Having his old high shool buddy Perelli wrestling before him regularly has helped him relax into a good routine.
    I predict that he will be All-American again and has good shot at top 4 at the NCAAs.

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    Biggest thing in my opinion is that he knew coming in that he was going to be back at 133 and was able to get his weight right accordingly. Last year he had the situation where he was going 141, then didn't wrestle well at 141 so he had to try and drop in the middle of the season.

    I don't know necessarily about top 4 but AA especially after his big weekend at National Duals is very possible.

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    I don't know about the first one, that is a possibility I guess, but I think that the second in particular may be a good reason for his success. Having top-quality guys in your room will always help your wrestling.

    I think that with most guys, it is natural for them to mature and improve as their college career progresses. These guys are still young men who can noticeably grow physically and mentally in a relatively short period of time.

    He is having a good season, but as always, the proof is in the pudding when it comes down to the big tournament.

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    I like to think that #1 has something to do with it. Its hard not to mature a little bit when that happens to a close friend. I also think #2 has a REALLY big thing to do with it.

    I like him to AA, from there I think its the draw.
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    I don't think top 4 is in the cards. 133 is absolutely brutal.
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    I can see Grey losing early and just ripping through the wrestlebacks, kicking butt to a 3rd place finish. Obviously not to be expected but he's the type of guy who could pull off a Manotti....

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    Throughout his career, his superior technique and experience have carried him. Now that he is one of the elders in 133, the same holds true. Size wise, Grey should be a 141, but he isn't because he lacks the muscle mass and strength comparable to 141's. At 133, he's bigger than most, but still lacks comparable power and strength. That is his achilles heel.

    He should A-A off of his experience and senior motivation, but he's looking at 5-6 at best with a favorable draw, more likely 7-8. One misstep along the way and he's BBQ'd.
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