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Discuss 141 and other ??????'s at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I would not be surprised to see Manuel on the podium 174 and 197 are ...
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    Default Re: 141 and other ??????'s

    I would not be surprised to see Manuel on the podium

    174 and 197 are two of the weakest weights nationally, and I dont think any weight even compares to 165 in the b10... I would say 165, 149, 133, 125 are all deeper then 174 or 197 in the b10. I dont know if 197 gets an AA this year and I can only see 2 from 174 tops...

    133 has 4x (if graff can get it done) 125 has 4x (if Pataky can get it done) 165 has 5x, 149 has 4x
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    Default Re: 141 and other ??????'s

    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    As far as I can tell, Slaton is the man if he's declared eligible. If not, marion is the guy, and he's quite capable.

    Palmer is pretty short at 149, let alone 157. He's a potential finalist at 149. No reason to move up.

    184 is definitely the deepest weight. Dergo, Cannon, Keddy, Pucillo, Askren, Smith, Kilgore, LeBlanc, Caputo, Ward, Patterson, Craig, Miller, Foster. All of those guys are AA level wrestlers. That's ridiculous.
    Ironside said the other day on the radio expect Slaton in the Line-up soon
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    Default Re: 141 and other ??????'s

    Agreed 165 and 149 top notch in B-10's
    157 and 197 are the softest

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