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Thread: Who would win the Hodge today?

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    Default Re: Who would win the Hodge today?

    Metcalf had more pins in 8 less matches then Ness last year.

    EDIT: And Metcalf tends to pin more high level wrestlers then Ness does. This year he pinned Mueller, last year he pinned Ruschell, Bubba, and Heinrich Barnes (all All-Americans). Ness pinned jake Strayer last year (in terms of All-Americans) and his best pin this year is probably Ridge Kiley. He's awesome and great, but Metcalf is better.
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    Default Re: Who would win the Hodge today?

    Once you reach CRITERION stage -as soon as you have a winner in the first CRITERION it is over -it is that way reffing matches and that way deciding OW's -ad infintum ....

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    Right now, I'd say Ness, but there's a lot of wrestling left. Ness has to get past Gomez and Dennis, assuming Dennis is healthy.

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    Until these wrestlers go through their conference and NCAAs undefeated it's impossible to judge.

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    By the criteria the committee has set up right now it should be Ness, he has more pins and pins is the #1 criteria listed for the award after going undefeated.

    Given how tough his weight class is though I think he winds up losing at least once between now and the end of the year thereby swinging the award to Metcalf for the second time.

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