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Thread: Adam Frey

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    Life is confusing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ground&Pound View Post
    More than the other things I have read, this picture made me cry.

    Adams battle helped us a lot when my family was going through some tough times with Reni. I will always remember him for that gift he gave us. May he Rest In Peace.
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    Rest in Peace Adam...

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    What a heartbreaker. What a fine young man.

    I was rereading my interview with him from Feb 2007 -- a year before the accident and cancer diagnosis -- and it really got to me to read his plans and dreams. He wanted to be President, but, in the meantime, as he was going to work on his law degree, he wanted to get into coaching.

    He didn't realize his political dreams, but he did so much in his all-too-brief life... and was very much a "profile in courage" as he shared details of his nearly 2-year cancer battle. Most of us could not be so unflinchingly honest or open in writing to others, but he was. A true warrior whose bravery is amazing.

    RIP, Adam. We will miss you in more ways than you can realize.

    To his family and friends: We grieve with you. We are with you in our thoughts and prayers.

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    I have already said much on the subject of Adam Frey, it will never be enough however. Just this, rest in peace young warrior. You fought the good fight and you did it with courage and grace. You are already missed. You were a son to all of us and a mentor to the rest. We were fortunate to know you.
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    By reading his blog, I came to know this fine young man in some superficial way. I felt his pain and frustration, enjoyed his ever present sense of humor and irony, and shared his optimism. He became more than just another kid who was stricken with a horrible affliction, and I share the feeling of loss and sadness that we all are experiencing. Personally, this is a tough time of year for me - it's just become even tougher.

    My most sincere condolences to all of Adam's family and friends.
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    Rest in peace young man. You were and are and inspiration to all. Semper Fi!!

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