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Thread: Superfan promotes 2010 NCAA Div III wrestling

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    Default Superfan promotes 2010 NCAA Div III wrestling

    An article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports about our friend Jim Brown and his idea to get kids excited about wrestling, by giving free tickets to school kids for one of amateur wrestling's most inspiring and exciting events: the Saturday morning sessions of the NCAA Division III wrestling tournament.

    Here's an opportunity to help our sport grow at the grassroots level. If we want a future crop of great wrestlers (and wrestling fans,) then we need to plant the seeds at the elementary and junior high levels. You can also get some great ideas from Jim's campaign that you can use to promote our sport in your area. Jim would be an excellent source of advice on these matters, too.

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    Thanks, grapplefan.

    Jacob is trying to help me with "one of them new-fangled online donation tools", but until we get that figured out, if you want to make a pledge or if you want tickets for a group of kids, just email me at I'll collect on your pledges when the tickets actually go on sale in February.

    There are only two stipulations about ticket requests. First, I am setting aside a core group of tickets for kids who were impacted by the 2008 Cedar Rapids flood. However, if I can pull this thing off, there should be plenty to go around. The NCAA compliance people are also saying that I can't give any tickets to high school wrestlers.

    Thank you all for whatever support you can offer.

    2011 NAIA Wrestling Championships, March 3, 4 & 5, Cedar Rapids, IA. I'll see you there.

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