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    what's up with troy nickerson and will he be at Midlands? Waiting on him and escobedo again

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    Nickerson won't be at Midlands. Neither will Escobedo. Cornell and Indiana are both going to the Southern Scuffle. Nickerson should be back for National Duals. I'm hearing he may wrestle in the Scuffle but we won't know for sure until Dec 29.

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    whats wrong with Nickerson atm? is he injured?

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    Escobedo has never beaten Nickerson in the few times they've met. Angel is overdue to beat this guy and I hope it's for the NCAA championship. He seems to have recovered from the shoulder injury and I don't know why Nickerson hasn't wrestled yet this season. If anyone has any info, please post.

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    Nickerson is being babied because of his history of injury, just like he was last year. He went from 38 matches as a frosh to 20-25 his next two seasons. Nickerson doesn't need the mat-time at this point in his career, so there is no reason to risk him getting hurt wrestling in events that dont have many team implications. Same thing you are seeing with Arnone, and guys like Schlatter/Glasser from the Gophers

    I also believe he has had some trouble making 125 thus far
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    Didn't Koll suggest that the only thing that mattered was the the NCAA tourney anyway?

    If your wrestler doesn't need the development that wrestling early tourneys and duals provide, then it maybe it would follow that there is no need to wrestle him, particularly if he is somewhat prone to injury.

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