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Thread: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

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    Default Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Goes off in about an hour. Intermat had a really good preview done by Andrew Hipps that I've linked to above.

    Only match up between ranked guys is at heavy, but there is sufficient star power on both teams to where this should be a fun dual to watch.

    I'll be posting results.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    It would have been great to see Burroughs v Deitchler but glad to hear that Jordan is back.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Announced match ups...starting at 184

    125: Zach Sanders v. David Klingsheim
    133: Jayson Ness v. CJ Napier
    141: Mike Thorn v. Mike Koehnlein
    149: Mario Mason v. Chris Hacker
    157: Joe Grygelko v. Jordan Burroughs
    165: Dustin Schlatter v. James Nakishima or Tyler Koehn
    174: Scott Glasser v. Stephen Dwyer
    184: Sonny Yohn v. Josh Ihnen
    197: Joe Nord v. Craig Brester
    285: Ben Berhow v. Tucker Lane

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Ihnen /Yohn may be the deciding match .

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Sonny Yohn v. Josh Ihnen

    1st Period: Yohn with a quick half shot early on, and then scores a nice early TD with a throw by...2-0 Yohn. Right to putting the boots in and he has Ihnen flat. Yohn trying to work with a power half, reaches for a reverse corss face...and Yohn close to getting back points with a tilt, but Ihnen sat up high enough to where he didn't give any exposure. Ihnen stands, and Yohn trips him back down. now Yohn back with a power half and he gets a two count...4-0 Yohn. Yohn rides it out and leads 4-0 with a ton of riding time.

    2nd Period: Yohn starts down. Stands quick and Ihnen returns him, stands again and isn't giving up the lift, and Ihnen finally cuts to make sure he doesn't get popped for stalling...5-0 Yohn. Took a bad shot after he cut in after Ihnen let him go and Ihnen nearly scored with a throw by of his own as Yohn came back up. Another low ankle attempt by Yohn but Ihnen catches him out in front...:35 to go. Yohn nearly scores off a little scramble situation on the edge, but can't control the hips as they go out. Period ends 5-0 Yohn.

    3rd Period: Ihnen takes both up...Yohn with a low attempt, Ihnen circles behind and trips for the TD and cuts immediately...6-2 Yohn. Ihnen in on a head inside single and has the leg up, trying to trip does but Yohn pops back up without giving the TD...Ihnen collects the other ankle for 2 and cuts again immediately...7-4 Yohn. 30 seconds to go. Shot by Ihnen, Yohn catches him out in front. Yohn adds riding time as the match ends.

    Sonny Yohn dec Josh Ihnen 8-4

    3-0 Minnesota.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    I am glad that Glasser is getting a shot tonight. Wondering if he is the better wrestler why we didn't see him against Okie State though. I guess this early in the season they are still trying to set their roster.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Both guys looked very bad imo...
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    this one will hurt to watch
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Nebraska Results/Discussion

    Joe Nord v. Craig Brester

    1st Period: Brester bangs the head and goes half shot a couple of times off the whistle...comes back in a little more serious this time but Nord does a nice job redirecting him away. Snap by Brester, follows Nord down to the mat and transitions right to a cradle...he's awarded the TD, and he gets the turn...and the stick.

    2nd Period:

    3rd Period:

    Craig Brester fall Joe Nord 1:10

    Nebraska 6-3

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