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Thread: Brandon Rader Returned Today

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    Default Brandon Rader Returned Today

    And got pinned in 2:40 by Cody Farinella in his first match.

    Tough first go for him, hopefully he's able to turn it around as I'm sure he's worked very hard to get back out there after two years of being ravaged by injury.

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    yeah, then he med forfeited in the next round...I think its safe to say he is probably done. thats unbelievably sad...not sure if he was reinjured or not but I would think he would have had to have been...

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    Default Re: Brandon Rader Returned Today

    Not gonna say I told you so or anything but...

    I told you so
    Gold is an idiot.

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    your brilliance astounds me to no end. i would still have picked him because I still like his upside and I like the way he wrestles, (wrestled)

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    Rader's issues with him not wrestling the last month have not been injury-related. He's ineligible until the second semester. When I asked the West Virginia SID (in Vegas) why Rader was ineligible, the only thing he would say was "bad advice", which leads me to believe he either changed his major and not enough credits transferred over, or something along those lines.

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    all that being said, it doesn't explain his performance at PSU Open...being rusty is one thing but going out to an unranked guy by pin I have to assume an injury. i wasn't there though so anything anyone knows would be great.

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    I don't know much, but Farinella was not just an unranked guy. He's Mizzou's three guy on the depth chart. And that's not including a true frosh that beat him 14-2 in an exhibition wrestle off. That being said. Farinella beat Parks (OSU) at the Cent MO Open so maybe he's improved since the beginning of the year. I know a pin is a different story, but sounds like the MU kid has the talent to pull off the occasional upset.

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