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Thread: #4 Minnesota v. #5 Oklahoma State Predictions/Discussion

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    Parks loses OSU a team point at the end..........M6 to OSU2
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    yeah, i think your right...

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    What did Parks get penalized for?

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    Parks lost team point for push after the buzzer, unfortunately Smith complained and then the ref took a team point from both MN & OSU

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    Joe Grygelko v. Neil Erisman

    1st Period: Both guys working upper body stuff to start things off, and they wind up going out. Grygelko is bleeding. Shot attempt by Erisman, Grygelko blocks him off but Erisman comes up into a front head but Grygelko runs it out of bounds. Shot attempt by Grygelko, Erisman redirects into a reshot, but Grygelko scrambles back to Erisman's legs and they're in the front head position on the line and its stalemated. Grygelko bleeding again. Erisman in on a low single and converts it quickly for the TD...2-0 Erisman and the period ends.

    2nd Period: Erisman starts down...Erisman with the Japanese stand up and spins away immediately for the escape...3-0 Erisman, he reached back as he spun trying for the reversal but Grygelko skipped away. Grygelko warned for stalling. Half shot by Grygelko, Erisman made an attempt to work into a reshot but didn't get it. Period ends 3-0 Erisman.

    3rd Period: Grygelko starts down...Erisman working hard on wrists and is out to the side right now...working a hammerlock out on the left side, Grygelko keeping his base and Erisman works back behind...Grygelko hit again...4-0 Erisman. Erisman working arms and wrists but has been back on parallel for a while, Erisman goes for his tilt the first time, comes back to it but only gets 2 NF...adds riding time.

    Neil Erisman dec Joe Grygelko 7-0

    8-5 Minnesota
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    Dustin Schlatter v. Alex Meade

    1st Period: Dustin goes down to his trademark 3 point stance off the whistle...both guys working up high now...Meade down to one knee, but Dustin pushes in and he comes back up...Dustin clamps on a front headlock and tries a head pinch, but Meade counters for the TD...2-0 Meade. Dustin tripods up and is away without much resistance by Meade...2-1 Meade. Meade with a snap, Dustin with a shot attempt by Meade slips away. Dustin back to his front head, Meade controlling the left elbow and they go out again. Dustin with a shot from a ways out, Meade tries to spin behind but Dustin squares up as they go out. Dustin back to his front head and works Meade to the mat as Meade controls the left elbow. Period ends 2-1 Meade.

    2nd Period: Dustin starts down, up to his feet very quickly and Meade again releases without much resistance...match is tied 2-2. Double leg attempt from a ways away by Meade but Dustin blocks him off...couple half shot attempts by Dustin the rest of the way but the period ends tied 2-2.

    3rd Period: Meade starts down...Meade power switches up and around to his feet but Dustin brings him back down and flat...Meade power switches around again nearly gets away but they go out...Meade sits tight immediately off the whistle, reaches back for a whizzer then stands and comes around for the escape...3-2 Meade. 1:00 to go...Dustin with a double leg attempt and then drives Meade out...Schlatter reaches for a leg and Meade blocks him off...shot attempt by Meade, Dustin barrels in on a reshot after attempting a whip they go out. Restart with 10 seconds to go, Meade runs to the edge...Dustin catches him on the edge in a front head and whips him over but runs out of time.

    Alex Meade dec Dustin Schlatter 3-2
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    BAd escape call by ref

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    Things just went from bad to worse for the gophers...

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    8-8 in the dual meet score...

    Cody Yohn v. Chris McNeil

    1st Period: McNeil with a single leg attempt from a long way away, but Yohn with the sprawl and works back up to the feet. Yohn in a high crotch, elevates up and brings him back down to the mat much to the delight of Zach Sanders who gives a big fist pump on the bench...McNeil out quickly to make the score 2-1 Yohn...blast double from way out by McNeil and this time he just drives right through for the TD...3-2 McNeil. Yohn tripods up and tries to switch then tries to gramby but McNeil stays with him and works him flat. Yohn circling his hips away, comes up to his feet and then McNeil lets him go to tie the match up 3-3...:59 of riding time for McNeil, nearly a shuck by TD for McNeil but the period ends scorless.

    2nd Period: Yohn starts down...McNeil out to the side working with a spiral...and then McNeil cuts him, but then barrels in for another double leg TD...5-4 McNeil. Yohn stands, peels the hands and then works out for the escape...match is tied again this time 5-5. McNeil in on a single leg, but they go out. Period ends tied 5-5.

    3rd Period: McNeil starts down...and works up and out in 3 seconds...6-5 McNeil, he's got 1:39 in riding time. McNeil in on a single, and elevates up to the feet, Yohn works down to the mat and drapes his way over but he's on his butt and McNeil has both ankles...8-5 McNeil. Yohn out...Yohn in on a shot on the edge but they go out. McNeil adds riding time.

    Chris McNeil dec Cody Yohn 9-5

    11-8 OK State
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