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Discuss #4 Minnesota v. #5 Oklahoma State Predictions/Discussion at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by minnEsota I did not get to see the schlatter match but when ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by minnEsota View Post
    I did not get to see the schlatter match but when you can't get a takedown and your ranked #1 you don't deserve to win the match.... Schlatter's one of my favorite wrestlers and probably is the reason i am as interested in watching it as I am today but any time you wrestle defensively...sure you are going to be in every match....... but so is your mistake and there is a good chance you are going to lose to division 1 talent.....don't care what the guy is ranked or how inexperienced he might be

    just my 2 cents
    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    I actually agree with minnEsota...his style is just not the same...he used to attack and counter-attack for seven I think he is looking for the counter attack too much. He is going to have to "press" his opponents. Champions do that.
    Quote Originally Posted by TLV View Post
    He seemed to wrestle to win as a frosh. He went balls to the wall and intimidated people because he could score so quickly. Starting his Soph year, he seemed to wrestle not to lose, wrestled defensively and slowed down. I think that he just made Howe the favorite at 165.
    All good points. I loved watching him his freshman year. Really exciting. Since then, he's has been injured some, and maybe that affected his performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    People can laugh, but you all put waaay too much stock into him making the world team(and promptly losing at the tournament) Making that team was a good accomplishment but to me it never meant he was "back." To make the world team he had to beat the guy who placed 6th at the olympic trials a year before. The two olympic trials finalists did not even compete. His most impressive win to me was not the 4 ball grabs over Paulson, it was beating Churella in the mini tournament.
    I put a lot of stock in wining the World Team trials. There are a ton of NCAA champs who get nowherer close to ever making a world team (I think Pat Smith, for one, never did).
    Maybe with the new FS rules the sports are becoming more and more different.
    We probably should not read to much into one match, but I am shocked at the loss. I was confident that he could be back to his old self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Point being, freestyle is very different than folkstyle and suits different people in different ways.
    That and 55 kg freestyle was really weak at the US open last year.

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    Default Re: #4 Minnesota v. #5 Oklahoma State Predictions/Discussion

    Thoughts on this dual a day later...

    125: Sanders basically as always looked good. Great motion from his feet to set up his attacks, good job finishing when he was in and did a nice job utilizing the dive through (something that he does consistently) to counter when Notte was in on him. I came in predicting a major, and had Notte not had that injury time at the end of the second period I think Sanders probably gets it.

    133: About as dominant a 3-0 win as you can get. Oliver was nowhere near scoring at any time in the bout. The kind of disconcerting part is that Ness wasn't really that close ever either. He seemed to give a lot of respect to Oliver as a technician so he played the tie ups game from the feet, took his chances when they were there and then did his thing on the mat.

    141: I didn't predict Thorn to win this match, but I would have almost rather seen him lose a match like the one he lost last year where he put a bunch of points up on the board than a match like this one. Parks just did a great job using his athleticism to let Thorn nowhere near his legs. Thorn also needs to watch his temper when he's out there, and this is something that is becoming habitual. His temper cost him the first match he wrestled against Tsirtsis last year, and cost him a point and the Gophers a team point here.

    149: I want to say it was Lost commented on just how methodical Mason looked in this match, and I have to say I definitely agree. Never seemed flustered, got DEEP (these were things of beauty) on all the shots that he took and then converted them into TD's. He seemed to run a little low in the tank as the match progressed but as I mentioned last night I think that is something he takes care of with more mat time.

    157: Not a ton to say about this match. Grygelko did a nice job fighting hard and preventing the bonus points.

    165: I was kind of torn about this match both as I watched it last night and am still kind of torn about it today. On one hand I'm happy as it shows everyone how good Alex Meade actually is (which I had been harping on since the summer). However I would have very much preferred he get his "introduce myself to the world" win over someone other than Schlatter. No idea whatsoever why he found it necessary to go for the head pinch that early in the match. After flubbing that it was just more of what was kind of familiar the few times that he gives up first TD's. Him chasing after guys but being unable to convert anything.

    174: Flat match by Yohn after the early TD that he got. Chris McNeil did a nice job using his athleticism to work away from most of Yohn's shots and to his his blast doubles.

    184: I was VERY wrong about this match here. Yohn was back to looking like he had cement shoes on as he moved like he did at times last year. Clayton Foster looked VERY good. He looks like he's handled his weight cut very well. Be interesting to see him at Reno.

    197: Finally get the chance to see Z and I was pretty impressed. Good technique from the feet. In THIS match (obviously not against Lapotsky) he did a nice job working up quickly from the bottom.

    285: The most effective that Berhow has ever been in matches against Rosholt with his own shots, but he continues to do sloppy things and it cost him here.

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