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Thread: InterMat profile: Lehigh's David Craig

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    I'm sorry but I have to agree with Lancers.

    I've been saying for weeks that Chris Brown should be in the top 4 since he beat Jarrod King last year. People pay too much attention to post season and regular season results as opposed to isolated matches.
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    I think Chris Brown is very tough.

    We disagree LoSt. That's fine. I think Thorn should be ranked where he is, you don't. As I said, we're only a month into the season and 4-10 at 141 are almost interchangeable at this time. Not a big difference. We're splitting hairs. It will all work itself out on the mat. Thanks for the back and forth discussion and sorry to all for taking away from the original post.

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    Fair enough
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    What an interesting discussion of David Craig.
    My thought exactly.........That blasted Gopher Thorne completely highjacked this thread!!
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    That being said, kudos to the people debating the Thorn thing to say their piece and move on. I was fearing a mammoth thread like on the other board where people won't let anything go and debate it ad nausem to the point of personal attacks and insulting wrestlers.

    Back to Craig, I really think after reading this article that a redshirt after his sophomore or junior year is exactly what he needed. Just to take a year off, not have to focus every second on wrestling and get back some of the fire.

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    I thought the same thing initially Gantry. But maybe that would have just prolonged his misery. The fact is, if he doesn't like wrestling, I'm sure he just wants to get his career over with as soon as possible and move on with his life. I'm not sure that "fire" would ever come back because I'm not sure it was ever there.

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