Taken from the Washington wrestling report
Your Time to keep a program Alive
Posted by UR TIME!! on 11/24/2009, 5:07 pm

Why you need to help:

It?s your time to give whatever you can because I have always seen people on this board saying that they need to support college wrestling in Washington and now here is your chance. Go to the front page of the Washington Wrestling Report and click on the new link for YVCC Wrestling and donate money to help them through the season. From the looks of the letter they are in desperate need of our help because they need to raise about $15,000 to keep the schedule they have. In the letter it also looks like they have made the necessary changes to become a Top 10 team in the country this year (which will be the first time in a long time for Washington.) So now we need to do our part. YVCC is not looking for much, but anything from $5.00 up helps.

What has YVCC done to move in the right direction:

YVCC has done a great job marketing and advertising. They are on face book, MySpace, twitter, have been doing a great job updating the webpage, went through the hassle of setting up a way for you to put up or shut up and donate through PayPal, they have added some coaches, brought in a strong recruiting class, they still have 42 guys in the wrestling room, they are going to tougher tournaments, selling their gear online, to the public, sent out 150 donation letters (names and addresses provided by wrestlers) tons of community service, change their whole image , shirts, shorts, singlet?s. Everything has been done to please all the people that whine and cry on hear and yet that isn't enough. Figure out what you want and help the few programs left with college wrestling.


Depending on what "Tax Bracket" you are in depends on how much you get to right off.

Example: If you donate a $1,000 this is how it would be broken down.

1) If you are in the 25% "Tax Bracket" you will get to write-off 25%.

2) Then depending on what state you live in, you can write off that % as well. So if your state is 9% than you get to write-off 9%.

3) Add 25% + 9% = 34%... So the TOTAL AMOUNT you can write-off is 34%...So 34% of $1,000= $340...

4)The remanding $660 will be deducted from your total income at the end of the year (HINT: If the amount that you deduct from your total income drops you into a lower tax bracket, that is well worth the donation.)

P.S. I talked to the administration and they OK'd it for us to post our Personal/Business Donators on our website...This way you will get either a personal or business "Tax Deduction." We also have TAX ID # through our club accountant and school accountant. So we will send you a letter stating how much you or your company donated throughout the year and you can take that to your accountant for the "Tax Deduction."

P.S.S. If you are planning on donating $500 or less please pay with PayPal and if you are planning on Donating over $500 please send a check to:

YVCC Wrestling
P.O. Box 22520
Yakima, WA 98907

Thanks for all your help and support.