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Discuss Hofstra vs. Buffalo at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hey everyone. Hofstra will be taking on the Buffalo today. There will be a live ...
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    Default Hofstra vs. Buffalo

    Hey everyone. Hofstra will be taking on the Buffalo today. There will be a live video feed at but you may have to pay for it. There will be a free play by play audio feed here.

    To get the feed go to, click on Listen Live, then you must click on the Hofstra Athletics Web Channel.

    Projected lineup:

    125: #15 Steve Bonanno (H) vs Dylan Dabolt (B)
    133: Jeff Rotella (H) vs. Kevin Smith (B)
    141: Tyler Banks (H) vs Andrew Schutt (B)
    149: #20 Justin Accordino (H) vs. #16 Desmond Green (B)
    157: #9 Jonny Bonilla-Bowman (H) vs. Andrew Stella (B)
    165: P.J. Gillespie (H) vs. John-Martin Cannon (B)
    174: #10 Ryan Patrovich (H) vs. Matt Bogardus (B)
    184: Ben Clymer (H) vs. Josh Peters (B)
    197: Anthony Tortora (H) vs. #20 Jimmy Hamel (B)
    HWT: Paul Snyder (H) vs. Brett Correll (B)

    Match starts at 1 PM

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    Default Re: Hofstra vs. Buffalo

    Kevin Smith had 13 TD's to tech the Hofstra kid .27-12

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    Default Re: Hofstra vs. Buffalo

    The Match ended in a draw, 16-16. It came down to 141. Tyler Banks was up 4-1 with riding time with about 10-15 seconds left and got thrown to his back for a five-point move right as time expired.

    Full results:
    149: Desmond Green (B) dec Justin Accordino (H) 3-2
    157: Jonny Bonilla-Bowman (H) dec Andrew Stella (B) 10-5
    165: P.J. Gillespie (H) dec John-Martin Cannon (B) 5-2
    174: Ryan Patrovich (H) dec Matt Bogardus (B) 10-3
    184: Ben Clymer (H) maj Josh Peters (B) 8-0
    197: Jimmy Hamel (B) dec Anthony Tortora (H) 8-6
    HWT: Brett Correll (B) dec Paul Snyder (H) 5-3
    125: Jamie Franco (H) dec Dylan Dabolt (B)
    133: Kevin Smith (B) tech fall Jeff Rotella (H) 27-12 (6:56)
    141: Andrew Schutt (B) Tyler Banks (H) 6-4

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    Default Re: Hofstra vs. Buffalo

    Gotta say Hofstra dropped the ball here. JBB and Patrovich should have gotten bonus. Don't know why Bonnano didn't wrestle.

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