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Thread: Central Missouri Open

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    Default Central Missouri Open


    Looks like Oklahoma State is going to run away with this thing.

    VERY intersting quarterfinal matchup at 184 - Chris Perry vs. Deron Winn. Who do you have? I think Winn beats him in a close match...

    Ellis/Rosholt/Bradley at heavyweight, wow

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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Just noticed no Notte at 125 for OSU and I immediately think he couldn't make weight, but that is all speculation of course...

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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Pretty sure Notte wrestled at 25 last weekend, can't swear to it though.

    Possible Marable/Meade (assuming Meade beats Zach Toal) final at 165.

    Possible Gelogaev/Haynes match up in the semi's at 197.

    Then as you mention for a tournament this early, heavy is pretty ungodly.

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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Notte did wrestle 125, but it doesn't mean he can make it consistently. But again, that's me speculating - perhaps he's nicked up...

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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    A Mizzou fan on themat is reporting that Jamal Parks and Alex Meade both just lost to Mizzou back ups (Farinella and Toal). That Polz loss to Toal isn't looking as terrible as it used to, lol.
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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Toal beat Meade 5-4...

    Chris Perry beat Winn 7-4 in their match.

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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Could be a Shinn - Oliver finals at 133.
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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Rosholt pinned someone in 6 seconds -6 seconds ???

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    Default Re: Central Missouri Open

    Bradley vs Rosholt?

    I have to root for Rosholt but I think Bradley might pull this out.

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