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Thread: Bison Open Results

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    Woof!! they had the Berhow match wrong. He got the pin and is in the finals. YOhn and Nord are in the finals as well. Talk about 2 different body builds. I think that Im as tall (ok, short) as YOhn and Nord is a freaking giant. Sanders in finals. Ness in the finals(all pins) against another Goph. Thorne in the finals. Glasser in the finals. little yohn take 3rd. Mason in finals against a Gopher I thnk and one more Goph in excapes me.
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    Shame Schlatter & Driechter didnt wrestle, could have been a maroon & gold stomping

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    I just went and looked and saw that the originally reported Berhow result was wrong as well.

    Berhow has never wrestled particularly well at this tournament (that I can remember) but he's never wrestled THAT badly.

    Very excited to see what happens at 197 if they wrestle the match.

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    Sonny at 197 leaves Minnesota with what appears to be a substantial weakness at 184. Is Sonny gonna have trouble making 184?

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    I don't have any idea for sure, may have just been a contingency plan to get him some time there in case Nord has/had trouble with the cut.

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    Great start for the Gophers. Zack Sanders won in commanding fashion,Older Thorn won 1st also.Sonny Yohn beat Nord 10-2, Glasser won, and gophers had 1,2,3,4th at 174.

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    Interesting that J decided to have Mike Thorn and Reiter wrestle in the 41 finals. That seemed like one of those entrenched starter v. redshirting guy matches that he would decide to co-champion.

    Sonny Yohn's day makes it look like that he's going to start reminding people very quickly why he was a top 10 recruit when he came out of high school.

    Glasser's day was very encouraging as well.

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    Good showing by the Gophers, really impressed by Danny Zilverberg beating Ryan Adams and going down 7-4 to Mason.

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    Yeah, anyone that knows Minnesota wrestling knows Ryan Adams was a stud. That 6-4 Zilberberg win was a quality win against Adams.

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