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    I am not trying to pimp facebook but it might be nice until we get an online chat function to attempt to friend those that we typically are trying to trade with. Easier to have discussions there if you see someone on. I don't want to upset Schlottke and Jensens on this so if its a bad idea, delete the thread. Otherwise, I am Cj Turner, Florida.

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    Jeremy Lanthorn Colfax WA

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    Schlottke set up a group on Facebook for TWT a while back. It's blocked here at work so I can't double check but I think it's called "Friends of The Wrestling Talk" or something like that.
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    I don't know about all this new (to me) gadgetry . Although it would be simpler to get things done and probably a lot more fun -but I've never even been in a chat room -I have a POS computer and all I do is play chess and get on here and occasionally research a paper I am writing .
    I tried to get on a chat room dealing with Religion and folklore and had a bunch of little kids tell me I was a BOT-whatever that is . I assume robot , if so, I am malfunctioning big time .
    PM me some instructions and I'll give it a shot .

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    Set up from there is pretty easy. Just let us know the name you register under. From there you will start getting some friend requests. Just click on the friends that you want. Then you can chat in real time about trades like Ellis for Escobedo for example.

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    Careful, you could end up with LoSt as a friend on Facebook. Right....Gofer
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Yeah, and now I can't shake one Jackson Burns. He is kind of a dual personality cause he doesn't talk shit on Facebook...strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    Yeah, and now I can't shake one Jackson Burns. He is kind of a dual personality cause he doesn't talk shit on Facebook...strange.
    That's not the same Jackson Burns I know ... the one I know, talks a large fecal game, at least, until injuries, deferments and redshirts ruined his year.

    I'm on it (Facebook), as a surprise to absolutely no one.

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    Must just be the Jackson Burns I that you mention it, MY Jackson Burns doesn't even talk wrestling on Facebook, maybe he's just some OTHER Jackson Burns?

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