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Thread: D1College Rankings Updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    I've got three top 16 125's.
    I had 3 top-14 guys but then I traded Futrell for Triggas. That was just a couple days before Triggas decided to lose to a couple unranked guys and take 6th at the EMU Open...

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    I had Triggas for a time last year and again this year...he is hot and cold but he racks up pins. He got 13 last year so as a back-up, he is fine. He will also qualify for NCAA's and maybe win you a match or two there so hang in there with him.

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    At 157, I see JPO beating the two ranked ahead of him, partic. Moley, but he's not touching Burroughs.

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    I would agree...its Burroughs and then a stack of other guys who could all take 2nd.

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    IMO,JP is the only one with any shot at beating Burroughs as he is one of the better defensive wrestlers I've seen . But he'd have to wrestle out of his mind and catch Burroughs sick or something -I NEVER thought I'd see GG get manhandled like he did against Burroughs in the semis .

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    Can that match be seen anywere?

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