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Thread: Oklahoma State Results

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    Oklahoma... He lost to Clayton Foster..

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    Was this scratch weight? A good chunk of the OSU lineup has questions about maintaining their weight, so I wonder we they weighed in at.

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    Fernandez is from Lawton, OK. I believe he beat Tucker Lane from Nebraska last year. 197 and 285 were the strongest weights in the Big 5 last year. Fernandez looks leaner than he did last year. He was quicker and scrambled better than Rosholt in the finals match. Finn could wrestle and place high in D1.

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    Fernandez ended up losing to a kid from OCU this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    That was definitely surprising, Fernandez isn't a bad wrestler overall but I don't know if he won a match against a conference opponent last year.

    Definitely not a great start for Rosholt in what probably had to have been the marquee match up of the tournament.
    Thats not really surprising seeing as how your other conference wrestlers are Rosholt, Zabriskie, Ellis and Lane. To add insult to injury, you have Bradley as Elli's back-up. Ouch!

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