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When I read this last night I could almost hear Cayle's heart thumping -to watch your brother get turned -almost -by a 141 lber would be horrible . Bad enough Taylor rode him that long -the big question will be DID Sanderson let Taylor ride him out or was he really working ?
I was there on Thursday night, and Sanderson was doing everything he could to get Taylor off his back. DT is like glue. I think DT had a case of the nerves to start. Cyler come out ripping and tearing and DT looked flat footed. By the end of the first, DT had a good guard and was wrestling...DT will be a solid first year kid, he showed that he's is going to be a force.

Kemmerer and Ruth both looked phenominal, I just hope Ruth can keep his grades up.

Adam Lynch didn't get much of a match as his opponent had muscle cramps in his calf. Inj Default. Adam is the nephew of Dr. Scott Lynch, NCAA national champ out of Penn State....and current Hershey wrestling helper...had to give the doc his props.

I couldn't believe cubby bear was the ref...

It was a great night of wrestling. Myself and the rest of the Hershey Youth Coaching staff had an excellent time.