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Thread: Gophers Rock

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    As I understand it Nord began is cut to 97 toward the end of last season. He wrestled 96kg at the university freestyle/greco meet. Pretty big cut, it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

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    I felt confident with the gopher line up going into the summer that they would be champs if everyone stays healthy, but the loss of Geiger is huge in my opinion and really makes the upper 4 weights look weak.

    the first 6 weight classes are solid. I expect NCAAs 2nd,1st,6th,5th,7th,and 1st from those six. After that I'm not real optimistic. Glasser is not the answer, dissapointed with last years performance. I like both Yohns, agressive & active, but still lack refinement. Both may make NCAAs, but don't expect either to win more than two matches there. I know very little about Nord, he did good as a heavy, but 197 requires a lot more technique & defense to win then Heavy does. Big Ben improves each year, but I still have difficulty predicting him to AA. I hope to see Disney in the heavy spot at some point this year, I believe he could AA.

    Please tell me I'm wrong about those upper weights

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    Disney has left the team as well.

    Personally I think you're overrating a few of the guys down low, and then underrating Sonny Yohn, and Berhow.

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    Is Alec Ortiz redshirting this year? With Disney still going to school at UofM... if Berhow gets injured can Disney come back to the team?

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    I can't say for sure but I would assume that he redshirts.

    Roster has him down as a 65 which is obviously where Dustin is, and I don't see him being big enough especially given the style that he wrestles to be competitive at 174 even with the Big 10 being cleared out this year.

    He's definitely a goer (his match at the Dream Team against Dallas Bailey was AWESOME despite the fact that he lost) and should be really fun to watch when he comes off redshirt next year with some added muscle.

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