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    This is a relatively new sports network covering TDF-if they cover cycling why not wrestling -or does the NCAA prohibit independant coverage ??

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    My boyfriend and I really dislike the Tour de France coverage since they used to show WEC Wrekage on there and now cycling monopolizes all the air time!

    LOL. In any case, Versus has some great shows, including their WEC and hockey coverage, as well as Sports Soup.

    In terms of covering wrestling, I would be curious as to whether different networks own broadcast rights to different events -- like Big 10 network might own rights to Big 10 wrestling events, ESPN to NCAAs, etc. There is also Iowa public television that shows a lot of duals. So it would be great if one network covered all events, but there might be a rights issue with some specific events. It would be worth looking into though.

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    Versus carries international wrestling. I have watched replays of Worlds there.
    2011 NAIA Wrestling Championships, March 3, 4 & 5, Cedar Rapids, IA. I'll see you there.

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